Summer Road Trip Wrap-up – Finally

RTLogo2013-1It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of September and I haven’t even started on my Summer Road Trip scrapbook.  Usually it’s completed within weeks of our return home.  At the beginning of August a friend contacted me to ask why I hadn’t posted a “wrap-up” of the road trip, like I usually did.  Sadly, it hadn’t even occurred to me to do one.  It was a very tough summer and I was in no hurry to revisit it.  I can say with the benefit of hindsight that my broken heart wasn’t up to travel this summer, especially travel that requires a great deal of physical energy, mental acuity and the excitement to experience and do new things.  I was lacking all three, as my son would say – “Epic Fail.”

If it hadn’t been for the fact we were scheduled to meet my cousins in the Grand Canyon (a trip that had been a year in the making), I would have scrapped the whole thing.  At the end of each day, writing the daily Road Warrior Momma blog was a chore.  I can see that now, after reading each and every post again, in preparing to write this.  The entries are badly written, with so many mistakes!  I’m embarrassed that I posted those entries.  I apologize.  I’ve tried to clean them up as best I could, but I’m warning you in advance in case you click on any of them.  I also neglected to even write about our last stop in Indianapolis!  I threw up a post on RWM today with photos, for those of you who are interested.   The other thing I noticed was that I didn’t take many pictures, probably only half of what I usually do.  You won’t see many of me either, because the sadness in my eyes was palpable, even in pictures. Continue reading Summer Road Trip Wrap-up – Finally

Returning Fall Favorites 2013

I have a new Article up at Chick Lit Plus today.  You can preview it below, and then click over to CLP to read the rest.  Be sure to come back here and let me know about your favorites.  Or you can post your comment on CLP.  I’m seriously curious!  (And I reply to all comments, regardless of where you make it.)

Also, only two comments so far on September Stuff, and I have giveaways!  Post a comment on that blog for your chance to win a signed copy of The Good Wife by Jane Porter and a Starbucks gift card.  Winner will be picked on Friday.



Returning Fall Favorites 2013

At the beginning of every new television season, there’s always plenty of buzz and excitement for the new shows, and sometimes we forget to pay tribute to our old faithfuls.  In my opinion, we live in the second golden age of television, because there are just so many good shows.  After a long summer hiatus, we often forget what our friends were up to when we last saw them.  Don’t fret, I’ve done the homework on a handful of favorites.

Blue Bloods – September 26th.  Only people who like to stay home on Friday nights love this show, which I do – I’ll own it!  Plus I love Donnie Wahlberg.  When we left the Ryans last year, they were still reeling from the murder of Jamie’s partner.  Jamie’s new partner is a rookie fresh out of the academy, and a woman.  Big brother Danny finally has a new partner, also a woman, so the Ryan brothers are both challenged by their new work environments.  They’re also none too pleased with their sister Erin, who’s had to let a cop killer go due to Danny’s lack of evidence.  Daddy Frank (the ageless Tom Selleck) has problems of his own, dealing with the aftermath of the events at the Bitterman Projects.

Castle – September 23rd.  Last season Beckett looked to be heading to Washington DC for a big new job, when Castle surprisingly popped the question!  Everyone thought that these two getting together would be the kiss of death, ala Moonlighting, but they were wrong.   However, marriage is a whole other ballgame.  Will she say yes?  Will she stay?  Will she go?  The season opens months after the proposal, so we should have our answers.

Glee – September 26th.  Sadly, this is probably the season’s most anticipated return, primarily due to curiosity about how the show handles the loss of Finn. Continue…


September Stuff

This is my first original, non-book review-related post that I’ve written since May.  It’s going to be a hodge podge of different stuff.  Most of you know about my brother, and I thank you for your kind words and patience.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, you can read the original post here.  Honestly, I’ve been a bit lost and needed time with my family and time by myself.  I’ve sat down and written a few blogs, but I just couldn’t hit “Publish.”  I’ve also been preoccupied and sidetracked by a number of things:  back-to-school chaos, the creation and management of our new extracurricular activities schedule (ugh!), a big (and honestly, stalled) organization project, Audrey’s birthday, various writing commitments for My Forsyth, Chick Lit Plus, & Chick Lit Central, IEP drama (lots), as well as reading and listening to books.  I’m not complaining about the books, since they’ve always been my escape (and I’ve been indulging quite a bit).

I’ve been inspired by a number of things that I felt would be perfect blogs, but I also felt a bit guilty about indulging in my desire to write, which is part of the grief process – or so I’m told.  I don’t know why I’ve decided that this is the time, but I think I’m ready.  In gathering all the materials, pictures and links that I’ve gathered over the last few months, I concluded that they’d all make for a great combination “Things To Be Excited About” & Things I’m Grateful For” post.  So without further ado…

I’m Grateful For: Continue reading September Stuff

Chick Lit Plus Book Review

Last one for a while, promise:)!  But I LOVED this book!  The Partner Track by Helen Wan is a thrilling “girl power” read.


The Partner Track

By Helen Wan

A book review by Allie Smith


Ingrid Yung is an Asian American woman who’s living her immigrant parents’ American dream.  She graduated top of her class from Yale, and then followed up with a law degree from Columbia.  Right after graduation she’s hired by the world renowned law firm, Parsons Valentine.  For the last eight years she’s literally slaved away in her quest for partnership.  In addition to her credentials and dedication, Ingrid is also a “twofer.”   With Ingrid on staff, the firm can check two boxes in the diversity column because she’s Asian American and a woman – the only woman left from her freshman class of colleagues.  Continue