The Good Wife is Now The Great Wife!

The Great Wife

The Good Wife

I am so enraptured with the TV show, The Good Wife, that I impatiently await each week’s new episode.  In fact, for the first time since I figured out how to work my DVR, I actually watch a show LIVE.  Can you believe that?  Live.  I also start watching fifteen minutes into the program, so I can queue up time and be able to speed through the commercials.  The show is so intense that I can’t handle waiting through commercials for the next scene.

Last Sundays’ episode was like the greatest tennis game ever, with each legal team lobbing “balls” back and forth, and I swear my neck was turning as if I was really watching a match.  All this, after the explosive scene between Will and Alicia!  OMG – no wonder their affair was mostly shown in teasing snippet flashbacks, because there’s no way we could have handled these two in the bedroom.

Let’s start at the beginning of the episode, appropriately name “Hitting the Fan,” when Diane told Will about Alicia’s plan to leave Lockhart Gardner with Cary and take some big clients with her.  Poor Will, the shock and disbelief he displayed made him look so vulnerable.  Will, the man who’s screwed countless people over, got a little taste of his own medicine from the woman he loves (and we all know he does, even if he doesn’t realize it).  I didn’t like it.  Not one bit.  Continue reading The Good Wife is Now The Great Wife!

Class Assignment: What is home for you?

This fall I’ve been taking a writing class and I LOVE it.  It’s kept me busy, but a good busy.   With this class, my other writing commitments to My Forsyth Magazine and Chick Lit Plus blog along with taking care of my family, I’ve found it difficult to find the time to write all the blogs I want to for the Latchkey Mom!  I want to keep posting things other than book reviews, so I thought it might be cool to share some of my class writing assignments.  Some of the writing exercises are pretty interesting and I love the book we use for practice.  I have flagged and highlighted the heck out of it. 035 Most of the exercises are ten minute drills to get the brain working, and they’re supposed to be raw:  just whatever comes to mind on a given topic – “Ten minutes, go.”  I’ve been surprised how easy it comes, when I’m not over thinking it.  I believe many of my practice writings will make excellent blog topics, so I’m going to cheat and periodically post some.  This first one is about what home means to me.  I hope you enjoy.

What is home for you?

People have said, “Home is what defines us.”  If that’s the case, I think my definition is very long and complicated.  In the literal sense, I think of home as where I live now – the four walls, which I decorated with love that encompasses the people who I love most in this world.  Home should evoke a peace, exhale a breath.  There should be familiar smells, laughter and lots of comfortable places to rest.  It should be the place you run to when you’re happy and when you’re sad.  You should miss it when you’re gone.  For me, my home is all of this and more.  It is a place where I can just be me.



Home also makes me think of where I was born Continue reading Class Assignment: What is home for you?

Chick Lit Plus Book Review

My lasts review for Chick Lit Plus posted today.

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Looking for La La by Ellie Campbell

This British Chick Lit story is about Cathy, a stay-at-home mother at a crossroads in her life.  What does a woman, who’s given up her career for home and family, do when the last child goes to school?  Does she join the ranks of school volunteers or get a job that actually pays?  Cathy is feeling the pressure from her husband Declan and her fellow working mom friends to get a job. But Cathy has no desire to work, nor in her opinion, any marketable.  She also has a terrible fear of interviews.  She’s not feeling any appreciation for what she does as a wife and mother, either.  To Cathy it seems that since giving birth, she’s entered a period of indentured servitude.  This is an issue that will resonate with many mothers who’ve come to feel this way, believe me!  Continue reading…



CLP: October Books

Upcoming Releases: October

October is my favorite month.  The back-to-school routine has worked itself out and the holiday madness still seems like it’s months away.  Don’t be fooled though – if new Christmas themed books are any indication, it’ll be here before we know it!   I hope you have a backlog in your to-read book pile, because the pickings for new chick lit releases in October are slim.  Methinks some publishers are a wee bit afraid of competing with a certain Miss Bridget Jones.

Read the rest of the article at Chick Lit Plus.