Things to be Excited About – January 2014!


1) Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster – 9780451239655_p0_v1_s260x420[1]I’m a huge Lancaster fan, she is so funny, both on the page and in person.  This novel, to be published February 4th, is about sibling rivalry, with a Freaky-Friday body-swapping plot.  Sounds like fun, and some much needed levity after all the diet/health books I’ve read this month.  Fort Lauderdale peeps, you’ve made her book tour schedule, and you should go!  It is quite an experience.  I’ve never been to a book signing that had tailgaters!  Audrey was with me and she made quite the impression, let me tell you.  Those two are kindred spirits.  Uh-oh.


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Random January Post

 January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was always shown as having two heads.  He looked back to
the last year and forward to the new one. 

“January, month of empty pockets! … let us endure this evil  month…” – Colette

“There is a privacy about it which no other  season gives you ….. In spring, summer  and fall people sort of have an open season on  each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when  you can savor  belonging to yourself.”  
  –  Ruth Stout

Obviously, I have mixed feelings about January!

I’ve been hard at work updating my blog with a new look, and a (hopefully) more user-friendly lay out.  After begging my husband, father-in-law and a techno-savvy friend for help, and getting little or no response, I decided to try it on my own.  It’s been interesting, although not without a few headaches and frustration.  Surprise, surprise – I think I may have done it.  Looking at the different themes and playing with the design aspect was fun for the creative side of my brain.  Not so fun was trying to figure out which widgets and plugins did what and how to activate them.  When I got overconfident, those aspects brought me back to earth.  Still, I did it.  I do have one little glitch that is definitely above my pay grade and I’m this close to completing negotiations with hubby dearest.  Once I secure his technical assistance and Q&A, I should be good to go.  Fingers crossed that the new look will be up this week.  And when it does, I’ll have a giveaway to celebrate.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because aside from some awards show recaps, I haven’t done much blogging.  I have two book reviews due, and I’m working on a couple pieces that I plan to submit to other outlets, which is very nerve-wracking and exciting. I’ve had lots of things I’ve wanted to blog about, but time has been disappearing for me – poof, it’s gone.  So I’m going with another random post, like the one I did in December.

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SAG Awards Recap

20th Annual SAG Awards Behind-The-Scenes - Day 2

The SAG Awards don’t have as much panache as the Golden Globes or the Oscars, in my opinion, but I still love to watch them.  First, the show is only two hours.  Second, the awards are for actors only (as they are given out by the actor’s union), not a cinematography category in sight.  Finally, over the years the SAG awards have proven, along with the Golden Globes, to be a good indicator of Oscar winners.  It’s also fun because TV acting is recognized as well.

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A Rainbow Mystery


“This parenting stuff is for the birds!”  I’ve muttered this more than once in the last few days.  Sometimes I just feel completely inadequate for the job, and I really hope other parents feel the same way.  Recently, my husband and I found ourselves in a parenting quagmire and were still dumfounded by what happened.  I also feel some regret for how we handled it.  I’m going to share it, because I’d appreciate feedback and opinions on how others might have dealt with the situation. Continue reading A Rainbow Mystery