Brunch at the Wildflower Eatery

Happy Bear

Today I tagged along with my son Barrett’s class on one of their CBI (community based intervention) trips.  Barrett is in a self-contained autism classroom at one of our local middle schools.   In addition to academics (yay!), the curriculum also includes “life skills,” in order to prepare these children for a (hopefully) more independent life.  Eventually vocational skills will be incorporated into their education.  The CBI trips give the students a chance to interact with the community and learn how to behave appropriately in social situations. Continue reading Brunch at the Wildflower Eatery

Novel Spotlight: Private Air by Billie Bates

private air

When Sienna Harris joined the Australian Air Force as a flight attendant for the Prime Minister, she thought she’d hit the glam-job jackpot. But three years of weapons training, outback destinations, and a cheating fighter pilot fiancé, and she’s realized it’s not so fabulous after all. Time to embark on a new adventure, this time to the prestigious world of international VIP aviation.  Continue reading Novel Spotlight: Private Air by Billie Bates

Happy Birthday Kelly

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Pretty Kelly!

Today is my sweet sister-in-law’s Birthday!  Can I just say, for the record, I don’t like the tem “in-law?”  Kelly is my sister, plain and simple.  I couldn’t love her more even if I’d known her since the day she was born♥!

My dear, sweet, beautiful Kelly has had a hell of a year – she lost her husband, my brother, Edmund.  I can’t even imagine all that she’s feeling, even though I try.  She loved him so much and stood by him no matter what.  She didn’t listen to any of the naysayers (who unfortunately sometimes included me), who implored her to do otherwise.  She stood by her man and loved him unconditionally and did everything she knew how to help him.  My brother knew – and never doubted – that Kelly loved him and would always stand by him.  She gave him unconditional love and security.  For that, I am eternally grateful.   Continue reading Happy Birthday Kelly