I Dare Allie – Update # 3

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for firsts. I’m starting to comprehend why LuAnn Cahn originally came up with the concept for her Year of Firsts – it truly is invigorating to try new things. I discovered fun modern day conveniences (April 10th and 16th) and experienced unique events (April 5th, 19th & 22nd). I learned some family history, mastered some new skills (April 14th and 18th) and confirmed a few long held suspicions that certain activities just aren’t for me (April 4th and 17th). If you missed the first two I Dare Allie installments, you can read about my dares by clicking the links at the bottom of the blog. For my latest adventures, continue reading.

April 1st, 2014 – I had my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. The kids and I were at the 12 Oaks Mall in Northville, MI when we ran into the Easter Bunny. The twins had their picture taken with him years ago, but I’d never captured an Easter Bunny moment with all four kids. Then I realized that I’d never had my picture taken with the famous bunny – a first was born.

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Autism Angel: Jackie Moore

I met Jackie Moore when our kids were in school together. Her daughter Jordyn and Barrett were in the same class for four years. I affectionately dubbed them the prom king and queen, as they were the two who seemed to be the class ring leaders.   Jordyn is a vivacious child who I often observed teasing Barrett in a playfully engaging manner (and he usually played hard to get). I loved the fact that Jordyn never let Barrett intimidate her. More often than not, she successfully lured Bear out of his shell. Also, I think Barrett secretly loved the attention.

Jordan and Bear

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11 Alive News, The Huffington Post, The Forsyth Herald & My Forsyth

It’s been a busy week! I’m grateful for all the shout-outs about my interview on 11 Alive, featuring Barrett and the story about the new garden at his middle school. I really appreciate the support (but still cringe whenever I view the clip).   The excitement didn’t end there – the Huffington Post Parents posted one of my blogs, with Barrett’s picture front and center on the page. The boy is going to get an attitude! I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments and shares.   Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you missed it, you can read the article by clicking here: Huffington Post.


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