Autism Angel: Alicia Harris


Alicia Harris was my son Barrett’s elementary school occupational therapist for three years. I’ll never forget the first time I met her, which happened to be in an IEP meeting – never an ideal setting, in my experienced personal opinion. She was young and full of energy and I loved how excited she was about her job. Then she told me a “Barrett story” and I wanted to crawl under the table.   She shared with us how unhappy Barrett was after she changed her shampoo (see interview below). Then she reluctantly relayed that he’d hit her after smelling her hair. Yes, you read that right – hit her. I’d never heard of him ever hitting someone before, and I was appalled. Alicia insisted it was a gentle hit, like a “love tap.” I’ll never know whether or not that was true, but Alicia’s genuine smile never faltered in the meeting (and she continued working with him for years). She actually laughed about it, assuring us that it all been worked out.   Now that, my friends, is dedication. Continue reading Autism Angel: Alicia Harris

CPK Update

This is a quick post.  I want to update you on the latest regarding CPK and the garden,  as I have friends sharing it on Facebook – with links to this blog!  I promise to give more details and post pictures very soon!

Yesterday, despite the rain, we had the dedication ceremony for the new garden at Liberty Middle School.  It was  a rainy Earth Day, but it all worked out.


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Autism Angel: Bobbi Jo Corcoran

 IMG_5691 (4)

 Miss Beth, Miss Bobbi Jo & Miss Gina

Bobbi Jo Corcoran is my son’s middle school teacher.  We made the middle school leap this past fall, after riding the elementary school train for as long as we could.  I was anxious about the change – we’d had a great experience in elementary school, and I really appreciated the way Barrett’s school promoted inclusion.  I already had a child in middle school and it’s tough – so I assumed it would be extra hard on Bear.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The classroom and teachers were fabulous and the administration was very supportive.  Besides, I think Barrett was ready to move on to bigger things. Continue reading Autism Angel: Bobbi Jo Corcoran