CLP Book Review: The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran


Sally and Olivia were best friends when they were in college (or university, as the story is set in England), but it was a complicated relationship – full of drama, competitiveness and emotional outbursts.  After a terrible fight, the two women became estranged for years.  Then one day Olivia gets the news that Sally has been killed in a car accident.   Olivia is full of regrets, questions, guilt and grief.  Sally’s widowed husband, William, reaches out to Olivia, to gather information about the past.  Talking to William brings back painful memories and she also discovers that Sally has left behind many secrets.  Continue reading the review at Chick Lit Plus.


What I Find Interesting…Not So Much!


Sounds really positive, doesn’t it? Let me explain.  This piece is the result of a writing prompt from “Finish the Sentence Friday.” I debated about it all week – this is my first time linking in with these bloggers and I didn’t want to make a bad first impression by going on about something I’m not interested in or risk offending someone whose interests differ from mine. I bounced a few ideas off of a friend, who quickly batted them down on the basis of potential offense to someone else. I told my husband that I couldn’t think of anything I wasn’t interested in that was blog-worthy and not offensive. He replied, “You have no interest in a lot things!”  Oh, really? Well, now I’m not interested in his opinion! Continue reading What I Find Interesting…Not So Much!

Spring Break 2014


For years, we stayed home for spring break. The kids were young, and the mass exodus from the metro area made Atlanta a more pleasant place to be, because of the slower pace. Travel times within the city were cut by more than half and we could eat in any restaurant we chose, without a wait. Having lived in the state of Florida for almost twenty years, I knew that the beaches were dreadfully crowded during spring break. I had no interest in participating. Continue reading Spring Break 2014