So Many Books, So little Time!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of writing and this has cramped my reading style. As you know, not much comes between me and my books – just ask my neglected husband and children.   I’m joking!  Kind of…

IMG_20140917_164307 (3)

Seriously though, I’m way behind on my reading. My “to-read pile” is starting to pass my “read pile.”  Also, I have reading goals I set for myself (dork!) and book reviews that are due.  Yikes!  Adding to this panic is the fact that in addition to four assignments I have due this week – I leave for the Type A Parent Blogger Conference early Friday morning.  Once I get back, I’m planning to refocus some of my energy on reading.  These are the books I’m going to enjoy next. Continue reading So Many Books, So little Time!

Barrett Goes to Church

bearHPI realize that I vowed to not write about religion, and I assure you, this post isn’t about religion.  Stay with me, because it’s about autism, milestones, and my Barrett!

One of the benefits of belonging to our Catholic church is that there’s a Saturday evening mass. I love this, because my weekend mornings are very precious.  We haven’t been to church in a while, I won’t bore you with the reasons, but my little man has to start getting ready for his First Communion.  That means we need to show up.  Believe it or not, we’ve never been to church together as a family.  Barrett has never been able to sit still or remain silent for that long.  Unfortunately this has meant that he’s been absent from major family events (weddings, funerals and his sibling’s First Communions).  Continue reading Barrett Goes to Church

Quiet Time for Goal Setting


For most of my life, whenever I’ve needed to chill out and get away from it all, it was to the beach I ran. I love the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, it’s like an elixir for me.  The sensation of sand between my toes always soothes me and the sun’s warm embrace melts away my troubles.   I actually enjoy being at the beach by myself.  I have no desire to chat in that environment.  I want to read, relax, think and sometimes sleep.  Nothing seems insurmountable as I look out to the horizon – nothing.  Continue reading Quiet Time for Goal Setting

Where Did My Summer Go?



When summer ends, I have a heavy heart.  My melancholy is due to all the typical reasons:  I can’t believe another season has passed, I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to, the kids are growing up,  and I’ll miss the warm weather and the children when autumn arrives.  In recent years, a new and unpleasant feeling has appeared on my emotional radar.  At the end of the summer I also feel robbed.  We’re all tired of hearing the clichés, but how in the hell did it go by so fast?  Seriously.  There is no other period on the calendar that flies by with such velocity.  I realize that the age thing plays a big part – summers are much faster than when I was a kid.  I also have to take some responsibility for the fast pace of our summers.   On the last day of school my children step off the school bus and are immediately expected to board Momma’s crazy train as it goes off the rails in an attempt to make sure each sun-soaked hour is filled with fun, fun, fun! Continue reading Where Did My Summer Go?