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For most of us, January is the time for new beginnings – the time we decide to make changes to improve our health, finances and relationships.  Every year I’m full of good intentions.  Full of them – as in a long list of changes I want to make.  Each year the list looks suspiciously similar to the year before and the year before, which leads me to the natural conclusion that I don’t stick to my resolutions.

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If you use your dad as a reference, it’s best to tell him!



Once upon a time there was a girl who had earned her Master’s in accounting and passed the CPA exam.  Her family and friends were so proud and they were certain that her future was bright.  The girl (me) wasn’t so confident.  You see, I didn’t particularly like accounting and was in no rush to start my career.  So, I waited tables at a waterside restaurant.  I wore a short shirt, hopped on and off yachts with a tray full of cocktails and made a ridiculous amount of money, considering I was just serving food and drinks.  Especially ironic since twenty years later I earn nothing for doing the same thing! Continue reading If you use your dad as a reference, it’s best to tell him!

Campfire Diaries

Today I’m being featured at my friend Kristin’s site, Campfire Diaries.  Her blog is dedicated to inspiring families to seek adventure.  I met Kristin at The Type A Parent blogger conference last fall and she is a sweetheart.  Kristin is full of great ideas and a huge supporter of her fellow bloggers.  I was honored that she asked me to share one of my road trip stories with her readers.  So please join me at Campfire Diaries, where I share my family’s escapades in Sedona, AZ.  See you there!