July Book Posts


A little late, given that it’s August 1st, but I did have some reading and review posts featured this month at Chick Lit Plus:

July’s New Releases:

Best Supporting Role by Sue Margolis – July 1, 2015. You can always count on this British author for a good laugh! Sarah Green has had a tough life, being married to a gambling addict. Things get even worse when he dies, leaving her alone with two children – and penniless. But she manages to start over by getting a steady job and a boyfriend who’s an account. After her aunt dies and leaves her a lingerie company, Sarah begins to question the prudent choices she’s made. When a handsome actor/contractor catches her eye, she wonders if she should unleash the shackles of her safe life and take some chances – like perhaps competing in a lingerie competition. Continue reading July Book Posts