Club Mid: Don’t You Forget About Me

MID-LOGO-small-copy[1]I’m super excited to announce that an essay I wrote about Hunter starting high school is up at Club Mid today. This is ironic, since my last post here was also about Hunter – and how the high school Hunter is driving my crazy! For the record, the Club Mid piece was written six weeks ago, before I began to experience life with the moody Freshman who now resides in my home. If you wouldn’t mind visiting Club Mid to read the piece, I woukld really appreciate it. I can’t respond to comments there – but I will read them. See you there (click here)!



Thank you!

A Stranger Among Us


“Henry is pretty close to the perfect child. Sorry, I think I wrote that last year, but he is. I will lend him out to anyone, at any time, to prove it – but you have to give him back. His teachers love him and he’s doing awesome in school.”

The above is a direct quote from my 2008 Christmas letter, about my sweet son. Sadly, the teacher love is the only part of that quote that would make the cut for this year’s letter. Apparently he’s still sweet and kind to his teachers. Henry is not his real name, because he’s now a teenager – I’m quite certain he’d be upset if he knew I wrote about him. The chances of him seeing this are slim. I know that he would never read the blog, nor would any of his friends, but I’m covering my bases. Continue reading A Stranger Among Us