Books of My Life : Tamara (Like Camera)


For today’s “Books of My Life,” I’m featuring Tamara of Tamara like Camera. I first discovered Tamara when she was interviewed by my friend Allison for Blogging411. (I urge you to watch that episode, lots of good information about using pictures on your blog!) Tamara was so personable during the interview. She also go a huge endorsement for her blog and pictures by Allison. I checked out her site and her pictures are gorgeous, but so are her words. Although we’ve never met, I feel as though I’ve known her forever. She’s friends with many woman I consider part of my blogging tribe (Janine, Dana, Kristi, Nina) and we have a shared love of San Francisco, Massachusetts, boots, cheesy 80’s music, romance, and of course books! I’m also slightly obsessed with her son – who is so darn cute! I’m certain my adoring comments about him have made her very nervous. But Tamara, don’t worry. If I so much as even hugged your child, my youngest would disown me. He’s very jealous!

Without further ado, here’s Tamara’s interview. Continue reading Books of My Life : Tamara (Like Camera)