What’s in a Word?

 November and December were tough on me. Despite good intentions and a true attempt at planning, my holiday efforts were hurried and sloppy and I won’t bore you with details. I know I’m not alone. As Allison Carter so perfectly wrote about in her blog, I Failed at Christmas, the holiday is no longer about me. My responsibility now is to be the person who’s creating memories for my family and I’m honored to do it – even if it literally kicks me in the ass. On December 26th, I woke up a new person. Quite literally, I felt lighter. Continue reading What’s in a Word?

My Favorite Books of 2015



By now, I’m certain that you’re bored by all of the “best books of 2015” posts. There seem to be a lot of them this year (or I’m friends with more bloggers than I was last year). This is the fourth year I’ve compiled my list – and I don’t label my choices as the BEST, because it’s obviously subjective. I haven’t read every book published this year. My reading tastes are varied, but my favorite reads tend to be women’s fiction, which some literary readers poo-poo. I’m more than willing to go down the rabbit hole of war, famine, disease, and grief for the sake of a good story, but for the most part, I like to spend my time in the Shangri-La of happily ever-after. But I also love inspiring nonfiction, American history, and funny and interesting memoirs of people whom I admire or are curious about. Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2015