The Books of My Life: Emily Liebert

unnamed (1)Today I’m very excited to feature author Emily Liebert on the blog, sharing the books of her life. I’m a huge fan of Emily’s, having read all of her books. We’ve even shared a few exchanges on BooksReads, and she’s graciously sent me signed book plates over the years. I’m glad that I hadn’t read her bio before reaching out to her, because I would have been very intimidated. She’s had all of my dream jobs – a producer at ABC News (working with the late great Peter Jennings), an editor and chief of a life style magazine, a successful freelance magazine writer, and of course, published author. Oh, and in her free time she also teachers Pure Barre classes. Yikes – I dropped out of Pure Barre after two weeks. Those classes are super tough. Continue reading The Books of My Life: Emily Liebert

Currently – Proud to be an American, Book Love-Less and Getting in the Groove

This past week has made me so proud to be an American. I’m an Olympic Junkie. I cheer our athletes from my family room as if they were my children breaking world records. I weep almost every time I hear our country’s national anthem. I’ve been enthralled by each athlete’s personal story. I’m all in. My children keep laughing at me, but I don’t care. I’m inspired and grateful to be reminded how wonderful the American spirit really is, especially during the ridiculous political season.Logo Summer Olympics 2016

Some favorite moments: Lilly King beating some Russian ass. The two runners in the 1500m race who helped each other up after colliding during a race (although poor Abby D’Agostino has a torn ACL and meniscus). Laurie Hernandez’s smile on the podium. Aly Raisman’s parents whenever they’re on camera. The shrieks from the Final Five when they realized Zac Ephron was in da house! The death glare on Phelps face when le Clos was taunting him in the waiting area. Continue reading Currently – Proud to be an American, Book Love-Less and Getting in the Groove

Road Trip Reunions

Over the years I’ve written a lot about my love of travel and the benefits of embarking on our epic (in my mind) family road trips each summer. I have insatiable wanderlust! One of the things that fuels my desire is that we get to visit family and friends on our trips. I’ve lived in many places, and of course we live in a time when people move often and far, for work or school. My friends are spread out from sea to shining sea. I also have a really tough time letting people go. I’m pretty good at keeping in touch, and my Christmas card list is long (and distinguished, lol). I often joke that that once you’re on my list – it’s tough to get off it. Continue reading Road Trip Reunions

The Blessing of 93 Years

This week we lost the matriarch of my husband’s family, his Mammaw. We’re all sad, but we also feel some relief that she’s at peace. This weekend we’ll travel to Virginia to honor and celebrate her life. It was only a few years ago that we all gathered for a party on Mammaw’s ninetieth birthday. She allowed me to interview her for that occassion and I wrote a post for this blog. I ‘d like to share it again for all of you, to honor Mammaw. I feel blessed to have known her.

Ninety Years Country Strong


The year 1923 was not short on exciting events.  The first transcontinental airmail service had begun.  Time magazine published its first issue.  Firestone first put inflatable tires into production.  The US Attorney General actually stated that it was legal for woman to wear trousers – anywhere (yes you read that right).  Yankee Stadium first opened (although Fenway had it beat by eleven years).  The first ever country music hit was recorded.  Vice President Calvin Coolidge became president, after the death of President Harding.  The first nonstop transcontinental US air flight was successfully completed.  Lou Gehrig hit his first Major League home run.  Disney Cartoon Studios was formed.  Ethyl gasoline was first marketed to the public.  The traffic light was invented.  Radio waves were transmitted for the first time, which lead to the first presidential address made by radio.  It was also the year that brought the world Bob Barker, Peter Lawford, Charlton Heston, Estelle Getty, Ann Miller, Ted Knight, Aaron Spelling, Allan Sheppard, Rocky Marciano, Roy Lichtenstein, Hank Williams, Jean Stapleton, Ed McMahon and Margaret Elizabeth McConnell Garrett. Continue reading The Blessing of 93 Years