Books of My Life: Brenda Novak

0a37f9ed-b99b-4236-99e7-0e721d5a33acToday for Books of My Life, I’m and featuring New York Times bestselling author, Brenda Jackson. Brenda is a prolific and award-winning writer. She’s even been nominated for the prestigious RITA Award (the Oscars for the romance writing industry) four times! She became a writer in a rather unique way. Brenda was a working mom (a loan officer) who discovered that her childcare provider was drugging her children with cough medicine and Tylenol during the day, to keep them quite. Can you imagine? She immediately quit her job to stay home and care for her children. After reading Jude Deveraux’s book, Knight in Shining Armor, Brenda wondered if she could write a novel.

After writing and publishing over 50 novels, I think it’s safe to say, yes she can. Continue reading Books of My Life: Brenda Novak