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What’s really in your bag?

After a busy weekend, and a few days spent “self-promoting” some recent blogs (so sorry) and trying to meet some rapidly approaching deadlines, I haven’t had time to get any blogs posted.  This morning I read a blog that I thought was fun and I’m totally “stealing” it from Stacey Loscalzo, who credits the idea to the blog A Cup of Joe (featuring illustrations of bag items by Emily McDowell).  All three blog are cool – so check them out.  So without further lazy ado… 

Here’s what’s in my bag:

♦  Wallet, make-up bag, checkbook

♦  Reading glasses and sunglasses (and case)

♦  Spiral notebook, multiple pens

♦  Book I’m reading: The Aviator’s Wife

♦  Framed picture of me and my bro.

♦  Audrey’s coin purse

♦  Mini-purse which held my gift cards, which apparently opened – thus there were random gift cards floating around.

♦  Receipts, hair clips, gum wrappers

♦  My Amex (missing for a few days – now found)

♦  Lipstick (missing….ditto)

♦  Somebody’s socks

♦  Gloves

♦  Business and appointment cards



What’s in your bag?

9 thoughts on “A Cheat Blog Post”

    1. Seriously? Ok I’m scared. I really think mine is a disaster. And the OCD comment? I may have to kick you in the shin the next time I see you – that’s a hot button issue:).

  1. I love that you did this too!! I think it is such a great snapshot in to someone’s life. I haven’t read The Aviator’s Wife but I’ve been meaning too… Thanks for the reminder. Also, awfully glad you found your Am Ex! A worthwhile blog post for that fact alone!

    1. Thanks Stacey – especially for the inspiration!!! I’m really enjoying The Aviator’s Wife. I spent most of last night Googling the Lindbergh family – an Anne Morrow Lindebergh biography has made my to-read list. I have to know how much of The Aviator’s Wife is based on fact. Warning, the chapters about the kidnapping a very difficult to read.

  2. That’s really cute! You should do a story on strange things found in your purse. I once found a pair of my underwear in my purse – still no idea how they got there…. Also, some food that had fallen off of the table into my purse about a week or two at a restaurant before I found it (gross!)

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