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Happy Spring!

As I’m sure many of you know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Shame on me, as it is April 12th and I have not shared a single blog post this month! The new job has been a bit of a time suck, and then we had spring break (more on that below). Slowly I’m getting back into the game and will have quite a few posts in the next couple of weeks. Please be patient with me if you get more email update notices than usual, it’s just an April phenomenon – I promise.

I have three Autism Angel posts coming up, as well as a new essay I wrote about autism. I submitted it to a bigger site, since it’s Autism Awareness Month – fingers crossed that it gets accepted. If not, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, here’s a list of the more popular posts I’ve written about autism over the last three years:

15 Things I’m Aware of as the Mother of a Son With Autism

What Were You Doing In Middle School?

To the Manager at California Pizza Kitchen

The kids and I went to Florida to see friends and family for spring break. I was really looking forward to our trip, because I’ve been working so much. The vacation didn’t live up to my expectations. One child coughed the whole trip. Poor Bear. The weather in Florida was rainy, cloudy and at times unseasonably cooler than normal. We only had one beach day – well one and a half. We also had a few mishaps that put a damper on the trip and a dent in my wallet. My children need to learn to be gentler on things. Still, it was nice to break away from our routine.

2016-04-03 15.53.46

And we’re off…

2016-04-01 18.08.50

Me and my BFF enjoying the sunset in Sarasota.

2016-04-01 18.10.01

Hunter, Aud & Tanner

2016-04-03 11.46.54

A quick visit (too quick!) with one of my moms, Natalie.

2016-04-03 12.13.05

Cam & Hunter


Finally got our beach day in Fort Lauderdale!

2016-04-01 15.23.28Someone was excited!

IMG_20160405_113212232Bear loves rolling in the sand.

2016-04-03 17.31.14

Catching up with another one of my besties!


Our traditional bon voyage dinner with Uncle Mark.

Track season is almost over – yay! I’m whipped and I’m not even the one running. Last night I sat in the stands while it rained for two hours. I don’t how those kids run in the rain, but they do. Hunter loves it. It was a good season for both boys, but I’m ready for a less chaotic schedule.

IMG_20160411_191836100 (3)

Hunter B. got behind the wheel of a real vehicle for the first time. He’s been practicing on the Ranger, but I decided it was time to move things along. When we were in Florida I found out that my friend’s son, who’s only two months older than Hunter, is driving. I felt bad that we haven’t spent more time teaching Hunter how to drive. A few days ago I was driving Hunter home from the track and made a spontaneous decision. When we pulled into the neighborhood, I stopped the car and told Hunter it was time for him to put his foot on the pedal. He didn’t believe me at first – but then there was the nervous laugh and big smile that told me it really was time. He only drove for maybe ¾ of a mile? He made two right turns, and I called it a day. He did fine, it was Mom who needed a rest! Oh boy, here we go.


I’ve had a few pieces up at Chick Lit Plus in the last month. I reviewed The Promise of Forgiveness by Marin Thomas. You can read the review here. If you’re looking for a new book to read, I wrote a post about April’s new chick lit releases. You can read it here.

I finally got my hands on the print version of Multiples Illuminated, edited by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee. The essay I wrote for the anthology is about the first time Barrett and Hunter slept in separate bedrooms. It’s a funny story, in my humble opinion, not sad like my essay in Mothering Through the Darkness. Official publication day is May 1st, but Amazon has been shipping early – so you can order your own copy now (link in the side bar).

IMG_20160413_074132366 (4)

Alison and Megan made memes of all the featured essays as a part of the book’s promotional campaign. Here’s mine:


I read quite a few books on spring break. Some of my favorites are:

The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews – fun and entertaining.

Somewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany – heartbreaking!

The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke – thought provoking and nostalgic.

10 Reasons You Feel Old and Fat by Dr. Frank Lipman – informative!

IMG_20160410_1652222220385 (3)

Dr. Lipman’s book really motivated me to get my act together! I’m currently doing his “revitalization cleanse.” So far, I don’t feel very revitalized. I’ve had a headache for four days. I haven’t cheated at all (no dairy, gluten, fruit, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, corn, or processed foods of any kind) – I swear! It’s a 14-day cleanse and Dr. Lipman PROMISES that I will feel like a new person at the end. I better!

I hope you’re doing well. Can you believe that my kids only have 33 days left of school? I need to finalize my summer plans, and there are a whole bunch of other things I need to complete as well. Hopefully mental focus will be one of the results I achieve on the cleanse. Lord knows I need it!

And finally, this made my heart sing:

IMG_20160412_205406474 (3)

We have another reader in the house!

What have you been doing this spring? Did you travel for spring break? Have you read any good books lately? Are you (or have you) done a cleanse ? Was it torture? Do you have any autism stories/articles to share? Any advice for riding with novice teenage drivers?

14 thoughts on “A Currently Post for April”

  1. Ok now that I’ve established that I’m first…
    I’m sorry that the trip was less than you expected and hope so much that your summer plans involve driving through DC. I don’t really have advice on teaching kids to drive but will say that my dad didn’t teach me until I flunked the first time driving around cones in driver’s ed class and came home crying because my dad thought that the school would teach me but all the other kids’ parents had at least taken them out in parking lots… so I guess that means KUDOS to you for letting him drive. :)
    Ugh to the 2 hours of sitting at track meets. I just signed Tucker up for baseball and already am like um why? But right team sports and inclusion and and and…
    YOU ROCK for Multiples, and in fact I agreed to review it, so obviously you need to give me an interview.

    1. Thanks Momma. I would be honored to be interviewed (and my ego thanks you, as well!). And I remember the cones in Driver’s Ed – oh you poor thing. It was pretty easy for me, because I’d been practicing in my mom’s Grand Torino (a boat of a car), and driver’s ed had little Ford Escorts! And I always wanted one of my kids to play baseball! I love the sport – America’s pastime!

  2. I loved your update and definitely been a bit hectic here, as well but have no spring break trip plans, but holding out more for summer vacation with our return trip this summer to Disney World. Vas for reading, I could write yet another post about that. Still right now, I am currently reading, The Nest and quite enjoying it. Promise to review soon. Oh and I hope Bear’s cough is better now, too.

    1. It must be hard to think “spring break” when you’re dealing with snow (I’m assuming you got some last week?). There’s so much good buzz about Empty Nest – I can’t wait it read it. Anxiously awaiting your review.

  3. Scarlet is our new reader! I love it.
    I will be reviewing Multiples Illuminated soon – can’t wait.
    I also have trouble imagining Florida as anything but hot and sunny!

    1. I love your book reviews. My essay is the last one, so you must read to the end -ha,ha. The boys were four in my story so they’re the oldest in the book. Having lived in Florida for 20 years, I know it’s not always hot and sunny. BUT I expect it to be when I’m there!

  4. Great pictures Allie! And I was really moved by your past autism posts and look forward to upcoming ones. I appreciate you opening that window and helping us who are not touched by it so directly have a better awareness.

    I’m currently reading Multiples Illuminated for an upcoming review! I haven’t gotten to your essay yet but look forward to it since I often wonder about the day I separate my little guys! Tear!

    1. Thanks Caryn. I appreciate you taking the time to read those posts! I am so excited that you’re reviewing the book. Keep reading, I’m at the end. It was a tough transition but we’ve come full circle (but I won’t give it away).

  5. You’ve been busy! What exactly are you eating on this cleanse? I think I’d be starving. Let me know how it goes after the two weeks. I do love the name of the book – made me laugh.

    Novice drivers…let your husband take him! Matt was much calmer than I was. But the more he drives with one of you, the more confident he will be. I did notice that I always felt Gwen was driving faster than she actually was – my nerves must have made it feel that way.

    Congrats on the book too – your excerpt made me tear up a little.

    1. Rich is much calmer than me, for sure, but he’s very ummm…how do I say this? He will be a stickler about the exact rules. He should be the teacher, because he a definitely a better driver than me. But man, I can see him making Hunter a nervous wreck. I don’t know. Maybe driving school!? And I’ll definitely let you know about the cleanse. Basically just eating organic free-range meats, raw veggies and protein shakes.

  6. AW! I just loved reading about everything Allie!! I’m so bummed you didn’t have great weather and only 1 day of beach (or one and a half- whatev. Not ENOUGH), but I’m really glad you got to see some people you love and spend time with them!

    Sitting in the bleachers in the rain SUCKS.

    I swear you inspire me to read more, do you know that?

    I’m currently listening to “All the Light We Cannot See” in the car with the kids- Cass already read it (my big reader!) and Cade and I are just riveted with it! It has made car time SO much more more fun. lol

    I also got “Big Magic” to listen to while I go for my spring walks… Considering it was snowing last weekend- they have been delayed until this week- BUT I walked with friends or with my kids to the park, so no listening yet.

    I wish I had more time. I SO want to read so many amazing books- so many great ones out there!

    Hang in there with work, honey! And yeah- can you believe summer is literally around the corner? I found out that Cassidy’s swim practices will now be at a different pool (she moved up in the club) 30 minutes (without traffic I hope) away starting at 6:30 EVERY MORNING. My summer is ruined. Seriously. I do not do human at 5:30AM. Nope. lol

    I’m betting you will plan another incredible trip this summer! :)

    1. Chris, I get so excited when I’ve seen that you’ve commented on a post, because I love reading your comments. They are so heartfelt and detailed, and sometime it make me feel like we’re pen pals! And that fact that you say I’ve inspired you to read more , well that make me sooooo happy. My job is done. And don’t you love audiobooks? I love them. I couldn’t finish All That the Light Could Not see.” It started to really upset me. I cannot believe your daughter read it, I am beyond impressed. I listened to Big magic as well, but kept have to pause, run to the book, and highlight favorite passages. Dork! And yes, your summer is ruined! I would just dies if I had to get up at 5:30. What is it with all these 6:30 a.m. practices? Cross country is at the same time this summer, but fortunately, Daddy is an early riser, so he drops him off and I do pick up. For the record, my parents would never get up to do this. I read a great article this week at HP about the raw deal we parents get. It’s MUST READ!

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