A Thankful Status Update

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 “We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”

Hey there!  How are you?  Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks, but it has been rather hectic in Latchkey Mom land.  Since my last post, just before our long weekend in Florida to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary, it’s been non-stop.  There have had dance recitals, out-of town guests, school obligations and some other pesky personal things to deal with (some of which I’ll elaborate on at a later date) and of course a Thanksgiving dinner to cook.

Next week my twins turn fourteen, which I sill can’t believe.  And of course, Christmas is less than four weeks away.  So I will be here, but my visits will most likely be brief.  I’ve decided to not kill myself on the writing front, because my priority over the next month will be my family.

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”

Blogging friends, I will still be reading you – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your thankful posts.  You all inspire me to be a better writer, which is why I’m not going to just whip something up for the sake of posting.  (Although to be fair, I guess this is what I’m doing right now♥.)

Here are some pictures form the last few weeks:

PMIMG_20141114_105154 (3)

Florida was chilly – but it didn’t stop me form enjoying the beach…

IMG_20141115_173344_489 (3)

Or the sunsets…

IMG_20141114_200956 (3)

Or my guy.

IMG_20141121_152621_617 (3)

We came home to falling leaves.


And dance recitals.

IMG_20141121_205419_215 (3)

Anniversary dinner.

And visits from loved ones:

IMG_20141120_201023_957 (3)

Uncle Alex

IMG_20141123_153417_824 (3)

Cousin Jeffy (and the little cousins who I shamefully neglected to photograph).


And Grandmom and Granddad.

IMG_pm20141125_222225 (3)

This picture pretty much sums up how I’m feeling – tired & blessed with people I love.

I’m now off to the airport, to pick up my last out of town guest, Auntie Kelly – yay!  I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I’m so grateful for all of you!



A Thanksgiving Day family shot.

17 thoughts on “A Thankful Status Update”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Allie!! <3 I'm thankful for you!!! I also so very much relate to not wanting to post something for the sake of posting but then I feel guilty for not posting much so I throw up something… I always always enjoy your posts and I love the photos in this one!! I'm kinda jealous that you've been so busy with family in town and dinner and everything. My husband had hernia surgery on Monday so we've not done much at all this week. Yesterday we ate a lame dinner out and then saw the Penguins movie with Tucker (not bad but not as good as Hero 6) and today Tucker has a slight fever so playdate cancelled, cartoons on, and me going a little nuts in the house… anyway, sorry to ramble and I hope you have a great visit with everybody and holy cow 14 years old!!?!? Happy birthday to them!! :)

    1. I always enjoy your posts – and they never read as though they’re done on the fly! I’m sorry your holiday was less than stellar – I’ve had my fair share of those. Your poor husband. Fingers crossed that Christmas goes better. I need to get the movies, the kids have been nagging me, but I know this week will be so crowded.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! And happy weekend at this point.
    Thankful I found you, or you found me, this year.
    I can understand about the constant influx of life stuff. Sometimes it feels like it will never slow down. I suppose it won’t too much.

  3. A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I am glad you will be spending time enjoying moments than writing about them. Not that I don’t want you to write :) But that I am so very happy you are balancing and enjoying the times.

  4. You don’t always have to write something deep, Allie. The wonderful thing about blogging is that we make connections and friendships, and I enjoy reading the “lighter” posts with family photos too. It’s a way to check in on one another. Enjoy your time with your family, Allie!

    1. Thanks Dana, I’m so happy to read this. I too love checking in with my friends, and appreciate the lighter posts (for reading) when I’m super busy. Get ready, that may be all you’ll be reading from me over the next few weeks!

  5. This was great Allie! Loved all the photos and thankfulness. I’m so jealous of that last family shot. Tried to get that for us, and my 6-year-old wouldn’t cooperate. : ( You and your family are beautiful! XO

    1. Thank you Mimi. The photo was a lark, trust me (and of course it came too late – as I’ve already ordered our holiday cards). My family has probably ended the career of many a photographer. We are notoriously hard to photograph!

  6. I think it’s great that you’re dialing things back a bit. I remember when I had to do that. I just couldn’t keep up and it was feeling more like an obligation to write a blog post, which just isn’t right. I’m so glad you’ve had some good things going in your life these past weeks. Gorgeous photos!

  7. I came by because I have been thinking about you SO much and I am so glad to hear you are just soaked in blessings and doing great despite the crazy busy season and your beautiful trip away!!!

    I have been drenched in the mud over in my world- mud. BUT- there are still so many blessings that illuminate even the darkest of places. I am clinging to those.

    Have a BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED Holiday season, my friend. Lets cheers to the new year to reconnect and write again!!!

    1. Chris, you are so, so , so sweet. Thank you. It’s just been nutso around here. Every year it happens, but I still act like it an overwhelming surprise. But I will remember my blessings, and all will be calm…in January.

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