Cammy the Inventor


So my Cammy kind of has me in the palm of his hand (and I’m in big trouble when he figures it out).  When I got home from our trip to Seattle, he was very excited to show me his invention.  I was excited to see it.

He held up a hanger with a pair of his underwear hanging on it and gushed, “Ta da!” Cammyinvention

“You invented that?” I asked.


“What is it?”

With excitement, he declared, “It’s an undershirt!”

Say what? 

“And…” he continued, “it’s a hat and a swimsuit and a dish towel!”

“Really?”  I replied.

“Really,” he stated emphatically.   “Can you take a picture and put it on a billboard in the center of town?  And maybe if a lot of people want it, we can build a factory and make more.”

I felt like this was a special moment, one I’d remember forever.  I marveled at his imagination and entrepreneurship.  My little creative genius.  Then he promised that his factory would NOT kill all the trees…

Okay, back it up mister, this was feeling very familiar.

“Cammy, this is sounds a lot like the Lorax.”


Mama’s dreams crushed…   Aud Lorax

Before I knew it, other little people in the house (who were not going to be out done) were showing up with their own inventions and print advertisements.

Is it me, or did they miss the point of the Lorax?


Have you ever thought your child had a special unique thought, but then found out they’d borrowed it from some where?  Has your child missed the “message” in a movie or TV show?  Tell me about a time when your child’s little project or observation enchanted you, no mater what their motivation was.


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  1. So funny! Lily loves to write songs, the problem is, they’re all about love and broken hearts.( Not the themes that an eight year old can relate to.) I think Taylor Swift is her biggest inspiration.

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