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“I feel the need…the need for speed.”

When I hear the theme song for Top Gun, I swear my adrenaline starts pumping.  Last night, Thomas (the new name of my husband, after Mr. Magnum P.I., who insisted he is NOT to be named in this blog) and I were flipping channels and saw that Top Gun was on, so we decided to watch it.  Neither of us had seen it in years. The movie is iconic, especially if you’re a child of the 1980’s.  I remember precisely when I saw it for the first time at the Pavilion Movie Theater, May of 1986.  I saw it with Laurie Dwyer.  Soon after seeing the movie, I left to spend six weeks in Long Beach, California with the Raggee family.  Long Beach looked a lot like Miramar in the movie, so I thought I was all that.  Whenever I’d hear the Berlin song “Take Your Breath Away,” which was often because they played it on the radio constantly, I’d dream about Tom Cruise.  Disclaimer – I was 15!  I assure you, I have not even remotely entertained such thoughts about Mr. Cruise in decades. Continue reading Archived

SAG Awards Recap

20th Annual SAG Awards Behind-The-Scenes - Day 2

The SAG Awards don’t have as much panache as the Golden Globes or the Oscars, in my opinion, but I still love to watch them.  First, the show is only two hours.  Second, the awards are for actors only (as they are given out by the actor’s union), not a cinematography category in sight.  Finally, over the years the SAG awards have proven, along with the Golden Globes, to be a good indicator of Oscar winners.  It’s also fun because TV acting is recognized as well.

Like last week, I’m just going to share some random thoughts:  Continue reading SAG Awards Recap

A Golden Globes Recap


Okay, I want to dish with you all about last night’s show.  You can see my abysmal stats for my 2014 picks here.  Way off on my game!  I’m curious to know how you all did.

This is going to be a “quick” post about some random thoughts:

I loved Amy & Tina.  I watched their opening monologue with my husband, my in-laws (who were visiting for our make-up Christmas celebration) and my daughter.  Rich is not a fan, but will usually indulge me for about a half hour at the top of the show.  It was very awkward when the ladies made some reference to Jonah Hill and masturbation.  My MIL groaned and uttered something, while I tried to cover Audrey’s ears.  Uh-oh, yikes!  Not that I think Audrey has ever heard the word before or that it registered on any level, but because mom was there and, well, you know.  Shortly after, Rich’s father humphed about something and exited the room.  He was not amused by anything they had to offer.  Rich followed him.  Rather quickly, I sent Audrey to bed (she was keeping her own score card and kept changing her picks once she heard the winner!) and mom soon followed. Continue reading A Golden Globes Recap