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Pretending to be Sarah Jessica Parker

I’ve always loved memes – from the time they were passed around in middle school notebooks to the recent reincarnation in the blogosphere.  I also adore Sarah Jessica Parker.  A few month ago I watched a video interview she did with Vogue, “73 questions with SJP.”  It was fun and it gave me an idea for a blog.  I transcribed all the questioned and saved them for another day.  That day has come!  I’ve been working on an essay all week for a class I’m taking and my brain is fried.  I failed to hook up with Mama Kat this week and aside from a guest post at the Family Legacy Center, it’s been quiet here at The Latchkey Mom.  So if you’ll indulge me, I will pretend I am Miss Sarah Jessica Parker and answer Vogue’s questions:

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I Dare Allie – Update #4

Hello friends, I have to confess that I’ve been struggling with my project.  It’s very hard to come up with something new EVERY SINGLE DAY – and expensive!  But I’m not a quitter, so I will soldier on, but you’ll have to forgive me if some of my firsts are snore-worthy.  If you’re not having fun reading about  one, you can be assured that I probably didn’t have fun doing it.  Also, I’m making a slight amendment (hey, it’s my project – I can manage it as goJ).  If a first happens to me, through no effort on my part, I’m still claiming it!  Plus, I haven’t heard many suggestions from my peanut gallery…hint, hint.


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The Sweet Olympics


When my special needs son was in kindergarten, I learned that his autism class would be participating in the Special Olympics.  I’m going to be blunt – that freaked me out big time.  I was still coming to terms with the fact that he hadn’t made it to the “mainstream” by kindergarten, which at the time was the end-all-be-all in our world.  We were convinced that if we did all the work and therapy humanly possible during the preschool years, he’d be ready for school.  I never really considered an alternative route, but there he was, in a self-contained special education classroom.   I was still processing my denial, so the timing wasn’t great for someone to suggest that he compete in the Special Olympics.  Yeah, I wasn’t happy. Continue reading The Sweet Olympics