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Hello There!

074     Hello! Have y’all been wondering where I’ve been? Well, it’s been very busy in Allie World – but I’m not complaining (okay, maybe just a little). As you will see below, my inability to keep to a posting schedule has been due to happy events and therefor I have no right to complain. Instinctively, I know there will come a day when I look back on these times as some of the best years of my life. Continue reading Hello There!

Autism Angel: Guest Post by Meredith Sherr Altschuler

I met Meredith through the magical world of the internet. We have a mutual friend, Melissa Amster, who connected us after one of my first Autism Posts for this blog. She has been a big supporter ever since. Meredith has a sweet daughter who’s the same age as Bear, so we’ve often shared war stories. When she saw my Call for Autism Angels, she took the opportunity to write me about the angels in her life. Her letter is beautiful –  and filled with love and gratitude. I love reading about the extraordinary people who make the world of special needs a better place.

Dear Allison,

When you called for submissions of “Autism Angels,” I’ll admit that this year I felt unusually unprepared. While we are by no means at the end of our autism journey, we are far from the beginning. In the beginning, we needed and received the kindness of SO many angels that I could have rambled on endlessly about them. Images of these folks helping us still flash through my mind. I have to catch my breath when I think back and really absorb the kindness we have received — when I think about all the unsung heroes who go about quietly “doing good” in this world.  Continue reading Autism Angel: Guest Post by Meredith Sherr Altschuler

Call for Autism Angel Submissions


To promote Autism Awareness Month last year, I featured a series of posts about individuals who have helped my son on his autism journey.  I wanted to celebrate and thank the angels in our lives whose skill, kindness, dedication, patience, and support have helped get Barrett to where he is today. This year, I thought I would feature guest posts from other writers about their Autism Angels.  If you have or know an autism teacher, therapist, parent, or respite provider who has touched your life, or the life of  someone you love who lives with autism, I’d love to feature them on my blog during the month of April.  The submissions can be in a traditional essay or interview format and contain links.  I’d also like to feature pictures.  If you’re interested, please email me at  I will accept submissions from March 15th to April 15th.

To read about our Autism Angels, please click on the links below:

Cindy Pruitt:


Jodi Hammond:

Bear Jodi 4

Bobbi Jo Corcoran:


Alicia Harris:


Jackie Moore:

Jordan and Bear







Several of my fellow bloggers periodically share with their followers what they’re reading, eating, watching, etc.  When I first started blogging, I sort of did this with my “Things to be Excited About” posts, but I stopped writing those, because the title started to bug me.  A year later, I still haven’t come up with a clever and original LKM title for these posts, so I’m going to unabashedly borrow the “Currently” label.  Currently, I am…

Reading.  As I mentioned in my FTSF post last week, I have been indulging in quite a bit of reading to help me get through the winter.  I read SoulSpace by Xorin Balbes, which was recommended to be by Kelly McKenzie, and it was fabulous.  I read it in conjunction with the Life Channing Habit of Typing Up, and the two books really motivated me to get my act together (more below).  I just finished Family Pictures by Jane Green, and although it was good, it was not what I thought it was going to be – and the ending is cheesy.  IMG_20150227_125421_013 (3)I’m getting ready to start A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner for my book club.  I’ve been book club-less for about two years and, finally, someone has taken pity on me and invited me to join.  I’m so excited!


Listening.  My thirst for good books cannot be quenched by reading alone alas, I’m also an audio book junkie.  I’ve just listened to three very different books.  Queen Bees and Wannabes is all about adolescent girls and their relationships.  Oh, it was a frightening read.  My heart aches for my daughter, as she gets ready to tiptoe around the landmines of middle and high school.  The book about tidying that I referenced above is fantastic!  (It’s a very brief read or listen.) I was emptying closets as I listened, so motivated was I.  I’m still going – and it feels great.  I will leave you with a little preview below of the current state of my office, ten days after I purged.  I’m so excited.  It feels great!  Future post about organizing (yes, I am seriousJ).  Finally, I listened to a fantastic Johnathon Tropper novel, The Book of Joe.  I think Tamara is the one who recommended that to me?  I think I’m going to read all of Tropper’s backlist.  I loved it.  Continue reading Currently