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Hello There!

074     Hello! Have y’all been wondering where I’ve been? Well, it’s been very busy in Allie World – but I’m not complaining (okay, maybe just a little). As you will see below, my inability to keep to a posting schedule has been due to happy events and therefor I have no right to complain. Instinctively, I know there will come a day when I look back on these times as some of the best years of my life. Continue reading Hello There!

More Barrett Tales

B2015041495173413 (3)I have some new Barrett stories to tell, but I must confess – they’re not the kind of stories that make a momma proud, because for the last week he’s be a royal pain in the you-know where. Honestly, his actions have baffled me and made me wonder just what goes on inside his head. He’s had an interesting week, that’s for sure. Mischievous and naughty. Continue reading More Barrett Tales

Best Award Ever

2567_Trophy_Statue[1]Winning an award for something is pretty cool, especially when you’ve put in lots of hard work. Personally, I’ve always fantasized about winning an Oscar or a Golden Globe and have rehearsed my acceptance speech more times than I should publically admit.  Never mind that that I’ve not spent any time acting.  The reality is that I’ve won very few awards in my life. Compared to my children, I’m an underachiever. They get awards all the time, because that’s what we do now.  Every year, for both pre-school and elementary school, I attend end-of-year class parties where each student is given an award for something. I guarantee you, none of my children remembers any of those awards. And the metals and trophies that are handed out at the end of each season, regardless of performance, well they’re pretty forgettable, too. Am I proud of my kids?  Of course!  But if you take the suspense out of it, where’s fun? Continue reading Best Award Ever