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My Other City by the Bay


I often joke that I’ve left my heart in the other city by the bay, San Francisco.  But a part of my heart has always and will always be in Boston.  I was born and spent my first decade on Cape Cod, but I also consider myself a child of Boston.

IMG_1503In the 1970’s, nothing much happened on the Cape, from Labor Day to Memorial Day – if you wanted entertainment, you had to go to the mother ship.  We’d take a Greyhound bus into the city a couple of times a year – sometimes to see shows –  or to Boston Garden to see the Bruins play, sitting in the rickety old seats and smelling that stinky odor that only old buildings with no air conditioning can produce.   I saw the Ice Capades at the Garden and came within seconds of shaking Dorothy Hamill’s hand, as she greeted fans rink side.  Christmas shopping in the city.  I’ve commuted on the T and actually raced my friend Marcie, up and down the aisles, late at night.  I have viewed the city from the top of the Prudential Building.  I’ve walked the Freedom Trail.  I’ve ridden on the Swan Boats.  I’ve eaten in Quincy Market.  I’ve felt the quake of Fenway Park, when the fans go wild. Continue reading My Other City by the Bay

My Ode to Bobby

In Defense of Rock Star Crushes


Warning:  Links may contain explicit language, click with caution.   IMG_20130324_112518

Beiberettes, One Directioners, I’m here to tell you, I get it.  I’ve been there.  I have a history of rock star crushes.  Donny Osmond.  Shaun Cassidy.  Rick Springfield.  Rod Stewart.  Jon Bon Jovi.  Paul Stanley.  Jon Bon Jovi.  I pretty much kept going back to Jon, because who doesn’t love him? Eventually, I did grow up a little and my rock star fantasies took on a certain nostalgia.  Real life became about marriage, babies and bills.

Alas, as a sign of a possible midlife crisis, I find myself once again, rock star smitten.  Continue reading My Ode to Bobby

Happy Birthday Mom!


Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law.  Evelyn’s made me feel like a part of her family, since the very first day we met.  She raised an extraordinary man, who I’m lucky to call my husband.  We are different women, from different generations, but she’s never been one on those mother-in-laws, who insist that their way is the right way.  She doesn’t interfere – even when I know she must want too!   Her watch-from-the-sidelines approach, gave me the confidence to find my own way as a mom.  My own mother is deceased, so the gracious manner in which she’s loved me as her daughter, has meant the world to me.  Evelyn gives me birthday cards that usually make me cry.  She’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met and is meticulous in everything she does.  Her thirst for knowledge inspires me.  At 67, she’s just a thesis short of earning her Doctorate.  Come on Dr. Smith!  She sets an extraordinary example for her grandchildren. She’s also the best cook ever and can solve any household dilemma there is.  Seriously, she could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  The care and love she showers on us is appreciated more than words can express, and I’m very grateful for the support she’s always given me as a wife, mother and writer.

I love you mom!