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The Beach House Cookbook (and a Giveaway!)

31451098You guys know how much I love a Mary Kay Andrews novel! I’ve read them all. She’s a fantastic storyteller and loves to write about woman’s friendships. She also likes to throw in a mystery, some antiquing and heroines who love to eat. In the past she’s occasionally included recipes in her books. Well guess what? Mary Kay Andrews wrote a cookbook. Yes she did, and it’s fabulous. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and made her black bean and corn salsa, which will be a staple for my family this this summer. Continue reading The Beach House Cookbook (and a Giveaway!)

My Favorite Books of 2016


As I confessed last month in one of my Books of My Life Posts, 2016 was not a great reading year for me. Over the three year period of 2013-2015, I read over three hundred books. This past year I only read fifty-eight (and I must confess to giving up on a few of those). GoodReads sent me an email to inform me that I did not meet my reading goals (100 books) for the year. Ouch. I think I was burnt out – and of course working impacted my leisure reading time. I must do better this year.

Now sit back and relax my friends. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Y’all know I love to talk about books! Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2016

Books of My Life: Christine Organ & Julie Jo Severson

hereinthemidI am very excited to be interviewing Julie J Severson and Christine Organ for my first TBOML post of 2017. Christine and Julie Jo are co-editors of the anthology, Here in the Middle. This book is a wonderful collection of essay about those of us, ahem, who are in “the middle.”

The middle years of life are often the years when we are pulled in multiple directions, with the needs of our marriage, children, aging parents, friendships, and career all taking a toll on our time and energy. But it can also be a time filled with deeper connections and settling into our own skin. Continue reading Books of My Life: Christine Organ & Julie Jo Severson

Book Review: So Glad They Told Me

31753224I’ve been on a reading hiatus lately. In the last two years (2015 & 2014), I’ve read or listened to over two hundred books. Reading is my passion. So imagine my surprise when I found myself reading less and less this year. The downward trend began went I started working outside the home, because the job devoured much of my reading time. Also, I think I was book-overload. Having read so many books, I found that I was starting to not appreciate what I was reading. I’d often find myself putting down a book and picking up the remote. I know. Continue reading Book Review: So Glad They Told Me