Chick Lit Plus Book Review

Last one for a while, promise:)!  But I LOVED this book!  The Partner Track by Helen Wan is a thrilling “girl power” read.


The Partner Track

By Helen Wan

A book review by Allie Smith


Ingrid Yung is an Asian American woman who’s living her immigrant parents’ American dream.  She graduated top of her class from Yale, and then followed up with a law degree from Columbia.  Right after graduation she’s hired by the world renowned law firm, Parsons Valentine.  For the last eight years she’s literally slaved away in her quest for partnership.  In addition to her credentials and dedication, Ingrid is also a “twofer.”   With Ingrid on staff, the firm can check two boxes in the diversity column because she’s Asian American and a woman – the only woman left from her freshman class of colleagues.  Continue




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