Chick Lit Plus Book Review

My lasts review for Chick Lit Plus posted today.

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Looking for La La by Ellie Campbell

This British Chick Lit story is about Cathy, a stay-at-home mother at a crossroads in her life.  What does a woman, who’s given up her career for home and family, do when the last child goes to school?  Does she join the ranks of school volunteers or get a job that actually pays?  Cathy is feeling the pressure from her husband Declan and her fellow working mom friends to get a job. But Cathy has no desire to work, nor in her opinion, any marketable.  She also has a terrible fear of interviews.  She’s not feeling any appreciation for what she does as a wife and mother, either.  To Cathy it seems that since giving birth, she’s entered a period of indentured servitude.  This is an issue that will resonate with many mothers who’ve come to feel this way, believe me!  Continue reading…



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