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My latest Chick Lit Plus book review is for The Carolyne Letters by Abagail B. Calkin.  Sorry to inundate you all with so many reviews lately, but it’s been a busy book time.  I promise to get back to “regular blogs” in the next week or so.  I think I’m ready – I think.


The Carolyne Letters

By Abigail. B. Calkin

A book review by Allie Smith

This story is presented in the form of a personal journal.  Amelia Gifford is studying at Edinburgh University in Scotland, 1964, when she discovers she’s pregnant.   As with any unplanned pregnancy, especially in the early 1960’s, the situation is complicated.  Although Amelia’s in love with the father of the baby, she knows they have no future together.  This leaves Amelia with a difficult decision to make. The book is divided into sections, with the first section laying out the events leading up to the pregnancy.   In the remaining three sections, each of Amelia’s choices is played out, which reminded me of Sliding Doors with the whole question of “what if?”  Continue







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