CLP: The Grief of Glee

The Grief of Glee

Watching Glee has always put me in a good.  How can you not smile at the joy the cast radiates when they’re belting out a tune?   There’s nothing gleeful about grief, however.  Grief is the price you pay for love, and we all loved Finn – and by extension the actor who played him, Cory Monteith.  The actor’s death hit me surprisingly hard.  I should probably note that my little brother passed away in May.  At the time I heard the news about Monteith, I wasn’t even close to recovering from my own loss.  I’m sure this contributed to my investment in this episode.

I watched “The Quarterback” episode for the first time alone, because I was certain that I’d be emotional.   I also wanted to preview it, before deciding whether or not to let my kids (ages 12and 9) watch.   Continue reading at Chick Lit Plus…


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  1. Great blog, A. My family decided not to watch this with me because I think they just get so sad when they see me cry, which is a lot, so I think they bowed out on this one. I don’t blame them. The hardest part of watching this show was, like you said, watching the parents go through his things. I thought of my own parents and can’t imagine the level of grief over losing a child. I’m finding it hard enough dealing with losing my brother but the other is unthinkable. They did an incredibly classy and tasteful job on this episode. I’m proud, now more than ever, to say that I have been a Glee fan from the beginning. Thanks for posting.

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