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This is a quick post.  I want to update you on the latest regarding CPK and the garden,  as I have friends sharing it on Facebook – with links to this blog!  I promise to give more details and post pictures very soon!

Yesterday, despite the rain, we had the dedication ceremony for the new garden at Liberty Middle School.  It was  a rainy Earth Day, but it all worked out.


11 Alive News, our local NBC news station, came to the house and interviewed us about the events leading up to yesterday.  You can read all about the original incident in the blog that I wrote for the Huffington Post.

In the weeks after the Huffington Post published the blog, California Pizza Kitchen reached out to me and donated a generous amount of money to a charity of my choice, in Barrett’s name.  I chose his school and you can learn all about this in an earlier blog by clicking here.

Finally, here’s the link to the news clip featuring our story.

I’m very grateful to everyone with whom I’ve communicated with at CPK in the last few weeks!  What an amazing group of people.  I’d also like to express my gratitude to Bobbi Jo Corcoran, Gina Flannery, Beth Elzey and the administration at Liberty Middle School for making all this possible.  Thank you to Mrs. Corcoran’s husband Kevin and her son Anthony, who along with my husband, spent Easter Sunday tilling the garden!  Thank you to HuffPost Parents for publishing the piece and thank you to Kaitlyn Ross at 11 Alive for believing ours was a story worth sharing.  I was honored to be able to promote Autism Awareness!

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    1. The Garden idea was all his teacher, Mrs. Corcoran. I love the idea, and had heard of gardening used in therapy (although I’ve never tried it:)). Zac Brown is building a camp, Camp Southern Ground, for children with special needs and I believe gardening is one of the planned therapies – the camp is adjacent to an organic farm, that will provide the food for the campers. http://campsouthernground.org/news.html

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