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I’m back…sort of.  In my last Latchkey Mom post, A Thankful Status Update,  I proclaimed that I would be spending more time enjoying the holidays than writing about them.  I’ve been trying to do that and a few times, I’ve even succeeded.  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time stressing about how much I still need to get done.  Despite all my plans, I’m behind.  Alas, I will share the events of the last few weeks with pictures.


For the second year in a row, we bought our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving.  If you recall, last year’s tree was HUGE!  So, I was very excited to see what my husband was going to bring home for us this year.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this tree – the smallest we’ve had in years.  I kept laughing and asking him if this was a joke.  “Where’s the real tree?”  He insisted that this was it.  I didn’t believe him.  I think I may have lost a few brownie points with my in-laws, who kept commenting about what a beautiful tree it was.  Problem was, we have boxes of ornaments and lights that we’ve purchased to cover our gigantic trees from the last few years.  We compromised…


The next day, we drove out to a Christmas tree farm to buy a second tree to accommodate all our ornaments.  Yes, as I write this, I realize I’m spoiled and perhaps a bit petulant.  But, we did have fun.  There was a hay ride, hot cider and a bonfire for toasting marshmallows.  For this particular weekend, the temperatures were very chilly.  My sister-in-law arrived from Michigan and she was disappointed.  Poor thing had been hoping to warm up a bit.




Since the grandparents and Auntie Kelly were in town, we celebrated Barrett and Hunter’s birthday early.  My boys are 14, which doesn’t seem possible.


With both trees in place, we hauled the decorations out from the basement!



And the kids got to work decorating.


Audrey got to put the star on top for the first time.  Last year she didn’t do it, because she was too sacred.  Why?  Because last year’s tree was soooo big!


Then it was time to say goodbye to Aunt Kelly:(.



Santa Central:  Time for me to try and get organized:  school projects, Christmas cards, gift/wrapping supplies and shipping boxes – oh my!


Surprise, surprise.  Following our frigid temperatures, we experienced a couple days of balmy weather.   The kids enjoyed an impromptu game of football.

IMG_20141202_182420 LKM(3)

We celebrated the twins actual birthday with dinner at The Avalon and a visit to see Santa.


You can read all about our Santa tradition at the Family Legacy Center.

IMG_20141206_175520_058 LKM(3)

R. and I attended an ugly sweater party.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy one, so I borrowed this from a teacher!

IMG_20141209_095045_413LKM (3)

I finally finished my Christmas cards!

IMG_20141204_175951 LKM(3)

The finished product.  And I will concede that with Camden standing in front of the tree, it looks big!



I hosted my annual Girl’s Night In and it was a lot of fun.  I was a little rattled when I received TWELVE cancelations in the days leading up to the party (the flu has hit our area), but it all turned out fine!



The next day we took off for Tenneesee to see R.’s mother graduate with her Doctoral Degree!  That’s right, we have a Dr. Smith in the family now:)!


I’m sharing this one, just because he’s gorgeous. And because he managed to sit through a two hour commencement ceremony!

Looking ahead, we have a band concert, a chorus recital, the Lights at Lake Lanier, The Nutcracker and many, many Christmas lunches and dinners to attend.  And of course more than a few presents to wrap.  Tis the season.

I do have some good writing news to share.  I have an essay that will be published at Scary Mommy in January and another one that was accepted at Full Grown People (date pending).  I’m very excited!

So tell me, how’s your December going so far?

10 thoughts on “Days of December”

  1. Ok. So I may be the only that has to comment on the shape of your office…but Lord have mercy….that room scared me. But if I know you…and I do a little bit…there will be some organization thrown to it and by Dec 24th I’m sure it will be just …….right…?? Oh and btw…it’s so hard to believe how big Barrett is! That can’t be! Nice pics of Mom and Pop Smith too! Miss all of you. Be good!

    1. It scares me too, Mark. But it’s already looking better. All out of town gifts have been shipped and the last of the teacher gifts are being delivered today. Exhale, I have breathing space.

  2. Congrats on the essays, Allie! Make sure you tell us when they are up. Loved seeing all your pictures – that tree is HUGE! If we had a tree, I have no idea where we would put it in our house, but I know that it couldn’t be that tall. I suppose when you have high ceilings you need to fill the space, right?

    1. Thanks Dana. I think you’ve read the Scary Mommy one (it was a guest post on Finding Ninee), but the piece for Full Grown People is the essay I wrote for the Blogging Essay Boot Camp we took together. The one about my brother. Once I have a date, I promise to let you know.

  3. First that tree is freaking huge. Second don’t say you are spoiled. It’s Christmas and that means you get to indulge! The pictures are incredible (as always) but I am chuckling over your “challenge” still giving you fits. Though I forgot to even order Christmas cards so you rock over me :)

  4. I love that the twins have such different haircuts. Has it always been that way?
    And we had a 20 foot tree last year so this year’s 13-footer or so seems so small to everyone else. I think it’s perfectly adequate!

  5. Congrats on the essays Allie! Can’t wait to see them out there. Looks like you’ve been having a fun and busy holiday season! Love all the photos of your beautiful fam, and ugly sweater was hilarious!! Enjoy this time! Happy, healthy new year!! xo

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