Guest Post: Finding Ninee – The Little Bus

First day of 4th 2010

Years ago I started writing a memoir about our autism journey.  I’ve struggled in the process, not sure if I had the right to speak for the whole family, given so many details were intensely personal.  There are however a few chapters that I felt were really good – but didn’t know if they’d ever be read.  “The Little Bus” was one of those chapters.  When my friend Kristi, from Finding Ninee, asked me to contribute to her Our Land Series, I knew I had the piece.  I’m going to use Kristi’s words to describe Our Land:

“One day, I wrote a post called The Land of Empathy and Wonder, wondering how my little boy sees the world. In marveling at the beauty in which he looks at life, I declared that I want to live in Our Land – a place where empathy and wonder rule.  Where quirks and differences are celebrated and everybody is appreciated for his own uniqueness.

This land exists. It exists right now in some of you, if only ideally.  We, my friends, have the power to transform our worlds, our ideal places, and our homes into The Land of Empathy and Wonder.”


So please join me over at Finding Ninee, to read The Little Bus.



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