Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day


The kids and I are probably on the road as you read this.  The snow week sucked and I had to get out of the house.  Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS sound like heaven as I write this!  Fingers crossed that the roads are ready for our departure.


I like Valentine’s Day.  “Thomas” (feels so weird using his alias) always makes it special.  We are officially celebrating on Sunday, as I’ve decided to leave for our mini-road trip on Friday, instead of Saturday.  We never go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, because it’s too crazy.  We tried for a pre-Valentines getaway in the city earlier this week, but it was cut short due to the dire warnings of the local news and weather forecast.  We did get snow and ice, but honestly, we could have stayed for our second night.  Of course if we had, something disastrous would have happened!  It was along week with the kids, but we’re all ready for an adventure!

What are you Valentine’s Day plans?  Do you do a couples thing, or hang with the family?  Do you venture out, or stay in?  Candy for the kids or presents?

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  1. Haley and I are headed to Whistler on Sunday for 5 days. Winter Break for the kids. The boys opted out so, Girls Weekend!!! We like to stay in this holiday, too. I just put a pork roast in the slow cooker. New recipe with sauerkraut and onion. Lord help me….what was I thinking? :) Happy Valentine’s Day and safe travels!! xo

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