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074     Hello! Have y’all been wondering where I’ve been? Well, it’s been very busy in Allie World – but I’m not complaining (okay, maybe just a little). As you will see below, my inability to keep to a posting schedule has been due to happy events and therefor I have no right to complain. Instinctively, I know there will come a day when I look back on these times as some of the best years of my life.

I may not have been writing many blogs posts, but I have been writing a hell of a lot of book reviews for Chick Lit Plus. It’s beach read season! I also have some cool professional news, but I’m going to be a big tease with that. I’m not sure if I’m aloud to share it just yet. Once I can, I promise I will. It’s not an agent or a book deal:), but it’s a steady gig and I’m super proud of it. And excited!!!

In addition to reading many books, I’ve been trying to keep up with my blogging friends and sometimes even taking the time to comment. Kerri, I’m so proud of you and your LTYM performance. Dana, I can’t wait to read all about your trip. Nina, I love listening to you and your husband on the Jordana Green Show. Allison, congratulations on your house sale. Yay! Kristi, thank you so much for continuing to inspire me to write. Tamara, I so enjoy reading your posts and love all the new photos. Janine, I’m here to tell you, I don’t think there’s a sweet spot in parentingJ – but ask me again in about fifteen years! Mimi, I love reading the excitement and passion in your blogs – you remind me of the excitement I felt when I first started blogging. Stephanie, I appreciate the tips on talking to my kids about body safety. I printed out your blog and shared it with my kids. And OMG – Christine! Hearing your daughter hit it out of the park? WOW! Goosebumps!

I’m also in the thick of road trip preparation. I delayed our departure this year by a week, so I’d have a buffer between the end of school and leaving for our trip. My hope was that I wouldn’t be anxious and crazy. Well guess what? My plan didn’t work. The kids had a bunch of social obligations (as did mom and dad), and we had dental appointments, haircuts, and car maintenance to attend to. I also spent a day at the DMV, which was all that I dreaded it would be. But I am fully legally licensed once again♥!

So without further ado, here are my pictures from the last month or so. Please forgive the self-indulgence and the bit of bragging that I had to do. If you’re not interested – I get it! I truly do! This the point at which you’ll want to bail. You’ve been warned.


Audrey’s class field trip – to the top of Sawnee Mountain!


Barrett once again participated in the Special Olympics.



Hunter ran in the Boulder Dash 5k, coming in 6th OVERALL (out of over 500 runners), and 1st for his age group.


We kind of participated in the 2015 Autism Speaks 5k Walk. And that’s all I’m saying!


Audrey, Barrett & I co-hosted a Stella & Dot party as a fundraiser for Barrett’s classroom. Thank you to Buffie Jubard, who donated twenty percent of all proceeds! Combining party proceeds and individual donations, we reside MORE than $1000! Thank you everyone!


Barrett’s class had a CBI trip to the local fishing pond with their dads.


Rich & I attended a redneck themed Kentucky Derby party. Lord have mercy!


We took Aud out to a special dinner to celebrate her academic achievements.


Barrett earned his letter for Track at the end of season banquet.

11169071_1587511058204300_7909330671997454877_n (2)

Barrett’s year-end class field trip – to the top of Stone Mountain.

10471094_1587510448204361_3131668087574737960_n (2)

Barrett and one of his favorite peer buddies.

074 (2)

Hunter’s 8th grade trip to Savannah. I dropped these three off at the bus, but had to take pictures at HOME. Apparently it would be embarrassing had I done so at the school. I’ve yet to see any of the pictures that were taken in Savannah. Hmm…


Audrey’s team made it to the county championship for Battle of the Books. But they didn’t take any medals home. It was a tough competition.


Mother’s Day Tea in Cammy’s class.


Field Day – 1


Field Day 2

gIMG_7264 (3)

Seventh Grade Carnival.


Eighth Grade Dance.




It was recital season! There were three of them.


Recital 1

019 (2)

These sweet friends sat through an almost hour an a half show:)!


Recital 2,


The final show was on Mother’s Day. I look wiped out because I forgot her costume and had to race home to get it and they held the show for me. Oy! Talk about losing a few years…


I want to say this was Mother’s Day, but I was too wiped out for pictures. We were one our way to a little friend’s First Communion.


Here’s Romeo again…this time at the annual peer picnic.


Aud’s 4th grade party.


Cammy’s 1st grade party, where he won this award! Hmmm, wish some of the A+ness came home with him.


A last day of school tradition – ICE CREAM (or frozen yogurt).


With my girl, LynnAnn – at her son’s graduation party.


Auntie Lynn and Aud, being silly.

122 (2)

With my guy and his mini-me, at the “country club.” Little man was in heaven and told us to sign him up. He was “serious.” He wanted the bus to drop him off there every day. He even flagged down a server and asked how he could join.


Audrey packed for the road trip a week ago…


Only problem is, I’m still very much in the planning process. Eeek!

2015 RT Logo

But our t-shirts are ready! (Dana H., this one’s for you!).

So tell me, what in the world have you been up to? Was/is your end or year calendar stressing you out? Are you on vacation? Where?

18 thoughts on “Hello There!”

    1. Thanks Rose! We are headed out west this year. I tried to make the NE (at least for a week) work, but we have family obligations in Florida, as well. Too many miles, too little time.

  1. Allie – LOVE all things Team Smith! Especially your pictorial memories of May! Brag, Mamma brag!!!! Always love your honesty too. Wish my girls brought their Awesomeness home too, but glad they give it all out to the rest of the world at least. My Mom always said home was where you could lay it all out and be yourself….
    Looking forward to your road trip posts!!! We are including Montreal and Quebec City in our Northern trip this year.

    1. Thanks Paula. You just nevah know how it’ll be received:)! How are you? I miss you. I didn’t care for Montreal – I was intimidated. It was my first “crossing” with the kids and I was intimated by the French, their money and the metric system. Also – I had to shut my phone off at the border ($$$), so I was without resources. However, I was talking to Jackie’s (Powaloski) sister this weekend – a Canadian – and she told me I had to try again. I’d love to do Quebec City – a capital!!!!. But it was so far north! You’ll have to let me know, because I still have to tackle New Foundland.

  2. OH Allie!!! I absolutely ADORE every single one of those pictures!!! Oh girl, I was JUST thinking I have sooo much going on and have HAD so much going on, that I have been MIA online…

    But you… oh my LORD what an incredibly FULL- filling life you have had these past weeks!!! I am in awe of the beauty of each and every one of these special moments you shared with your kiddos and family and friends!!

    And you are too sweet to mention me and my girl’s performance!!

    You know what? All these amazing moments are what make your life so beautiful, so intentional, so FULL… of exactly all that is valuable and significant to remember…

    Thank you for sharing it all with us. I’m blessed by having been witness to it, from my little corner of the world. <3

  3. You make a very cute redneck!
    Ok, seeing my shoutout made me so happy. People are dropping in and out of blogging and I’m feeling a little sad. So it’s happy to see that you’re noticing my rampant posts and photos! More to come, of course!
    And I’m excited for professional news. That’s always great.

  4. Everything about this post made me smile, and the t-shirt at the end was the cherry on top! Love, love, LOVE.

    I have been missing you, so thank you for sharing all of these photos with us. We are gearing up for our big Italy/Switzerland trip in 19 days (but who is counting?) I will not be publishing from the road like you do, though…so we’ll both have much to catch up on this summer!

  5. I LOVE YOU, and this was one big heart smile for me. Thank you!
    I can not WAIT to hear your news ( you big tease! ). You deserve all the best and everything good and happy, friend.

    1. Oh, thank you Allison! And I’m sorry what I read about the sale – yikes. Praying you get another buyer ASAP. And I want to hear all about your new house. PM the city:), you never know when I may be driving through…

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