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B2015041495173413 (3)I have some new Barrett stories to tell, but I must confess – they’re not the kind of stories that make a momma proud, because for the last week he’s be a royal pain in the you-know where. Honestly, his actions have baffled me and made me wonder just what goes on inside his head. He’s had an interesting week, that’s for sure. Mischievous and naughty.

I’ve wondered if it could be the weather. It’s been raining here for the last ten day and we’ve had wild weather (more on that below). There are studies indicating that drastic changes in barometric pressure can send kids on the spectrum into a tailspin, so hopefully that’s it. Cause if he’s just being a rebellious teenager, he’s outa here. Do I have any takers?

Last week, during speech therapy, he gave one of his favorite people in the whole world, Jodi, a hard time. He wasn’t cooperative, and when she tried to give him directions, he placed his finger on her lips and sshh-ed her! Then he did one of his signature arm moves (see video).  Alrighty then. Little did I know, that was the warning of the coming Bear-storm.

On Sunday, he was very hyper. More than once, I checked his medicine tray to make sure I did in fact give him his meds. I had. Audrey had some friends over, so I was trying to occupy him, but he was not in the mood to be entertained. At one point I heard a splashing noise, so I checked my bathroom (he likes to play in the big garden tub). No Barrett.  I went back to my office, then heard it again. I looked around and found him in the kitchen. He was dumping water from a huge plastic cup onto his head, with the water splashing all over the kitchen floor, which is hardwood. There was a lot of water, which indicted that it was not the first glass he’d dumped.

I got towels and whisper-yelled at him that, “He was damn-well going to clean up the mess!” I was whispering because I didn’t want to embarrass Audrey or scare her friends, cause Momma was not happy! Also, if his father saw the mess, he’d really be in trouble (this was a repeat offense). He just cackled and refused to help me. I sent him to his room.

About an hour later, Hunter finds me and says, “Uh mom, we have a problem.” Oh no. It turns out that Barrett took a “bath” in Hunter’s bathroom and splashed water onto the floor. It took another laundry basket of towels to clean.

I asked him why he was doing this, and he smirked at me and said, “Oh no!” A genuine smirk – I kid you not. I told him he had to stay in his room until dinner time.

After Audrey’s friends left, I poured myself a glass of wine and started making dinner. I heard Barrett barrel down the stairs (he sounds like a herd of elephants when he runs down them). I didn’t turn around, but yelled that he better get his butt back upstairs. More laughing. One of the other kids called my name and I went to see what was going on.  When I returned, Barrett was jumping up and down next to the breakfast bar, where my empty wine glass was. Are you kidding me?

“Barrett!!!!” He laughed and ran up to his room.

Now, no need to report me to child services, I don’t know for sure that he consumed the adult beverage, it’s just that all facts support the strong possibility.

At dinner, which was in the dining room because it was Sunday night, he picked up his water glass and poured it all over the table. It was Dad’s turn to raise his voice, and Barrett was sentenced to an early bed time. Good-night Barrett.

The next morning, for an encore, he tried to swing from the shower curtain rod when he got out of the tub. Barret is 120 pounds, so two seconds later it ripped out of the wall. Barrett shrieked like a girl (which was kind of funny).

I couldn’t wait for his bus to come. And when it did, I opened the door and bid him good riddance. As he stepped outside, Hunter advised him, “Make good choices, Barrett.”

Here’s hoping.

I warned his teachers of his antics and braced myself for a phone call. But they had bigger issues to deal with. On Monday, our county was under a tornado watch and Barrett and his classmates had to take shelter in an interior bathroom for about an hour. They got to eat M&Ms and watch movies. My 1st grader, who had to maintain a duck and cover position in the school hallway for an hour, was not happy to hear that.

Poor Cammy. When he and his sister finally arrived home almost an hour past their scheduled time, he ran across our front lawn yelling, “Mom, there was real tornado! It wasn’t a drill!” For the record, the tornado wasn’t real, but it wasn’t a drill. Sirens were going off all over the county, which was unnerving. Dad asked him if he ever imagined that would happen.  Cammy answered, “No, I never saw that coming. I never thought it would all end in the hallway!” I wish we had a recording, he was so emphatic, and his cute little voice, and with his arms stretched out.

We talked about it later at dinner, because Audrey wanted to know what they did at the middle school. Cammy told Hunter that he had to duck in the hallway, with his book bag over his head, “for a whole hour!” We laughed, but he insisted that it wasn’t funny.  I told him that I’d emailed his teacher, so I’d known that he was fine. His frustrated reply, “I was not fine! I was terrified!


Camden’s reenactment, when he got home.

Sorry for the sidebar, but I needed some cuteness in this post.

As they say, this too shall pass. The next day brought us sunny skies, and I hoped, a renewed Barrett.  But hold the door – his reign of terror was not over yet!

I got a call from his teacher, reporting more delinquent behavior. Bear dumped a new pack of rat bedding (the class pet is a rat – in a cage – ew, I know), which is like cedar chips, all over the classroom floor. He added a bunch of ribbons from the art closet to the pile. Still, that wasn’t enough, so he tore up some cardboard from a classroom game. What the????

bear Sweeping

Miss Gina asked him if he made the mess and he confessed, “Yes.” She informed him that if he did the crime, he had to do the time. Gina claims he was very cooperative with the big broom, dust pan, and sweeper. Whatever, he’s still a stinker and I’m beyond perplexed. I don’t know what’s up with him lately? I wonder if I’ll ever be able to solve the mysteries of Barrett.

Post Script of sorts:

Bear’s class took a CBI trip to a horse farm. He got to ride for the first time in seven years. He used to do hippo therapy, but we stopped because he didn’t exactly get along with the horses. Given his antics from the week, I don’t have much hope for a successful experience. I was wrong – he charmed the horse. And this smile says it all.


I also wonder, if all of you will think this mother’s day card is as funny as I do:

MDIMG_20150423_201144 (3)

This post was inspired by this week’s FTSF prompt, “I wonder…” Please visit our host for this week, to see what my friends are wondering about.

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What do you think?  Is it the weather? Or being fourteen? Help!

Also, if you haven’t read my post from earlier this week, What Were You Doing In Middle School?, check it out.  It’s an Autism Angel post about the kids who volunteer is Barrett’s class.

29 thoughts on “More Barrett Tales”

  1. OMG I wonder what has been going on with Bear? Maybe something bigger than the tornado warning. Maybe something at school? I can’t stand it (!!!!! UGH) when we don’t know what’s going on but know something is. Glad his teacher got him to calm and clean!! Also the meme!! HAHAH YES it’s as funny as you think it is and I’ll call tomorrow!!! Sorry – stupid crazy week (obviously for you too!!!). Hugs and love, mama.

      1. I definitely think weather plays a big role. His teacher told me that one of her friends, who’s a special ed teacher, had two student suffer seizures last week (in Alabama). Something about that pressure. It so freaky.

    1. I think it’s the weather, with a little bit of teenage rebellion mixed in. Some of it’s funny, I swear. I think my tone was off in the blog – I’m certainly not in a dark place. Just a little frazzled by the all the clean-up:). I also neglected to mention he’s been dropping trou and peeing in the backyard. It’s the devilish glint in his eye that has me a wee bit nervous. He’s definitely amusing himself.

  2. As crazy as this week sounded, you are my hero with the meme and your outlook always, too Allie. Seriously, I can’t say that enough and sending some hugs to you though for good measure 😉

  3. OMG you deserve a mommy juice box: Get a box of wine, insert straw and viola

    I am so very sorry for the week of Hell you have had. I’m hoping this weekend gets better and the weather improves.

    1. Thanks Kerri. I think I missed the tone, a bit (based on reading the comments). Crazy week? Yes. Can I handle it? Yes, he’s still a really good boy. And with a little wine, I’m chill.

  4. Oh bless your HEART honey!!! Just reading all of Bear’s antics makes me want to come over and bring you SEVERAL bottles of wine and hug you for an hour (or five)! This glimpse into your mama life, rises my respect tenfold for you, dear friend. I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting this can be when Bear has hard weeks like this one.


    I’m so proud and incredibly honored to know you, because you inspire me- your strength, your perseverance, and your sacrifice is unending.

    I do hope Barrett’s behavior improves… oh, do I hope for his sake, the teacher’s sake, your family’s sake and especially YOUR sake.

    Hang in there mama.

    And thank you for sharing these accounts, so we can all take a peek into the life of a mom who lives in the trenches of parenting.

    You. Are. Amazing.

    1. Thank you Chris. I swear, I’m good! And I’m happy to report he has definitely chilled. Must have been the weather (and maybe hormones, too, ha, ha). His teachers? They are unflappable. They think he can do no wrong.

  5. Awww. I hope it was the weather but that’s a toss up. You’ll have to report back after a week of good weather 😉 Love that card. I made my husband a smoothie this week. He wanted exactly what I had and them complained that his stomach hurt. He didn’t know whether it was the this or that. I was patient but I was saying what that card says in my head.

  6. Thanks for the pictures. All of the kids are growing up so fast!! You could probably bottle the cuteness of Cammy and sell it to other parents for their young kids. It can be quite contagious. Poor Bear…..I’m sure Daddy was not too thrilled about the shower curtain rod.

    1. You’re welcome Mark. And the shower curtain rod was a surprisingly easy fix. The water on the floor was more of an issue with Dad. As for Cammy – I agree:). I think we could retire on that one!

  7. Gosh! you went through a lot, and while I send you a virtual hug. I kinda agree the weather would have put a spell on his irrational behavior cause his precious smile next to the horse would melt anyone away :)

    1. Thanks Ruchira. I agree about the weather. We had a good couple of days, which coincided with the sun finally shining. Today however, raining cats and dogs – we’re buckling our seatbelts!

  8. Once again, I am blown away by your wonderful way of looking at the world, Allie. Thank you. Yes, may B’s splashy behaviour be largely due to the weather! Love that photo of him with the horse. He looks truly happy.

  9. It’s probably a combination of all of those things! I hope writing about it helped you vent a bit. I think that card is hilarious – I’ve uttered something similar in my head many times.

    1. You know? The venting did help. But I fear that I’ve worried my readers. I’m really okay. He truly makes me laugh and I wish I’d done a better job of communicating that. Now Dad, he wasn’t laughing so much.

  10. Your stories, your story-telling, are so honest, heartfelt and beautiful to read, Allie. Thank you especially for this line: “they’re not the kind of stories that make a momma proud.” So real, and I appreciate every word, every feeling that goes along with this.
    LOVE that Mother’s Day card!

  11. Oh geez…! Well the weather doesn’t help things AT ALL. It makes me insane personally.
    The wine glass.. the horrors. The “baths.” Oh dear.
    Camden is too adorable for words!

  12. I also have a son with special needs and know how hard it can be. You sound like a wonderful mother and doing your best under challenging circumstances. Barrett is a lucky (and adorable) boy.

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