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As you may know by now, I love the Oscars!  It’s a big night in my house, one which my family has come to dread.  I want dinner served, eaten and cleaned up by the time the show starts.  I have command of the remote and everyone must take an oath of silence – and no one may ask me for anything.  Tuck yourselves in, my sweeties. 

My husband is not a fan of awards shows.  He watches the opening with me and the first award.  He constantly heckles and gives negative commentary, so I don’t know why I insist on this commitment from him.  As I was watching E! and doing the dinner dishes, he kept complaining that the “reporters” (Kristen Cavellari and Kelly Osborne, really?) didn’t know any adjectives other than “amazing.” I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right.  Every other word out of their mouths was “amazing.”  And then I got irritated and turned it off!  He’s a total party pooper.

Guess what?  I’m a party pooper, too.  During dinner, I looked at my husband and remarked that I didn’t think I could stay up for the whole show.  I was tired.  Sadly, watching this year was a chore.  I just wasn’t into it, and didn’t even finish my second glass of champagne.  Shocking, I know.  LynnAnn, remember the year we watched together and had two bottles?  The show was so flipping long and there was so much that I just didn’t care about.  They really need to boot all the technical stuff.  I’m so sorry Hollywood, but we just don’t give a damn.

I love Ellen, but she really seemed nervous during the opening.  She’s no Amy and Tina, which is too bad.  I think she seriously offended Liza Minelli.  That was awkward.  During the show, she spent most of her time in the audience, which was sometimes amusing.  Overall, I thought it was a weak performance.  Ordering Pizza?  I don’t get it.

My Other Random Thoughts (most were written as I was watching):

Jared Leto – I love you.  I’ve never seen anything you’ve ever been in, nor listened to your music, but I’m now a fan.  You won over every mother on the planet with that speech.  And I have to agree with Ellen and my friend Michele, you are very pretty.

Kim Novak – oh my!  Yet another cautionary tale for plastic surgery.

Looking good – John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  He’s lost some weight and gained some hair – and she looks phenomenal.  She looks so young, yet not fake or plastic.  Perhaps the Church of Scientology has discovered the fountain of youth?

The dresses were disappointing.  Was it just me?  I thought most of the dresses were dreadful or boring.  The ones I chose as favorites weren’t even that great, but I had to go with something.


Yays:    article-2571756-1BFA41A500000578-580_196x440[1]

  Jenifer Lawrence

Sandra Bullock

Jada Pinkett Smith (my favorite)

Kerry Washington


Kate Hudson

Bette Midler

Kristen Chenoweth

Portia De Rossi

Angelina Jolie

The please eat award:  Kelly Ripa.  Good God.  She was emaciated!

The inclusion of the humanitarian awards in this year’s ceremony, well I don’t recall that ever happening before.  This begs the question, did they include it because Angelina Jolie got an award?

Okay, how many of you retweeted the group selfie?  Seriously – be honest!  For the record, I did not, because I don’t care for everyone in the picture.  I have Hollywood grudges.  And Jared Leto was cut out – not cool.

I was bummed that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t get a second Oscar, because I LOVED American Hustle – and she was mesmerizing in it.  I didn’t see 12 years a Slave, I’m too scared, but from everything I’ve read – Lupita deserved it.  I really liked her speech, too.  Very classy.

I adored how Bill Murray honored his friend, Harold RamisJ.  Who ya goin’ call?

PINK!!!!  I love her so much.  Simply amazing.  I hope this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow available for download tomorrow.  And she looked gorgeous!

In Memoriam – Glen Close was such a downer.  I get this is the short straw in presenter terms, but so dour.  Okay, I’m being a bit nasty, but I was tired and bored at this point.

Bette Midler singing Wind Beneath My Wings????!???     WHY!?!?!?!  Seriously – worst Oscars ever.  I don’t get it.  Really?  This isn’t 1989.  And why does this year’s memoriam get such a “production.”  We want to be entertained people!  This was too maudlin – over the top.

Sorry. At this point I was very frustrated.

All music performances (even the buzz killing Bette Midler) were fantastic.

LOVED the speech by the people who wrote Let It Go.  I am human, first tears of the night.

Alright, alright, alright – Mr. McConaughy♥!


12 Years A Slave vs. Gravity.  I saw neither film, I have no horse in the race.  But how did 12 Years win Best Picture, but Gravity won Best Director, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography, and Visual Effects?

My picks:  In the big six (acting categories, directing, best picture) I got six out of six right.  I went with the odds, not my heart.  There were no surprises, all the favorites won.  Can I just say again, I LOVED American Hustle?  It got 10 nominations and won not one Academy Award.  Wha wha?  I don’t understand.

Many thanks to Michele for hanging with me, via text!  Sorry for my sassiness Missy.  I miss you and love you.

Please share your thoughts about the show.  Did you see any of the movies?  How’d you do with your picks?  Did your favorites win?  Did you stay up for the whole thing?  Did you tweet the selfie? Best dressed?  Worst dressed?

12 thoughts on “My Oscar Commentary”

  1. Good rundown, Allie! You said what I couldn’t bring myself to say in my own head – Ellen was so-so. I LOVE her and think she had good moments, but yes some of it was almost boring. She is low key, but I kind of expected something bigger for the opening than just a stand up comedy routine. But you missed Lupida in your best dressed! She was beautiful, the one dress I truly LOVED. However she belongs in your “please feed her” category. I kept thinking how uncomfortable it would be if her dressed moved just the wrong way to only reveal how she had absolutely NOTHING to fall out. But she was still feminine and pretty! I think I got wrapped up in it more than you – – for a while. Loved Jared’s speech and yes, you are right, this mom loves him from now on, even though I know none of his works. Then there was the “Happy” song which got me and my girls and the puppies up dancing together, so that was an awesome moment at my house. I did re-tweet the selfie, even though I never ever tweet. It was fun. (Jared wasn’t left out on purpose, Bradley’s arms just weren’t long enough.) I fell asleep in the middle moved upstairs for the end, saw Cate win, then couldn’t even stay awake for the last two. Will have to google Matthew’s speech, love him too. (Even though he’s kinda weird.) Always love your “take on things”, and the site looks AWESOME!!! Keep up the good stuff!

    1. Thanks Paula!

      Lupita’s dress was pretty, but I didn’t like the color, especially on the red carpet. When she was on stage, it looked prettier. And I was a little nervous about the plunge:). Her Globes dress, though – that will go down in Hollywood History and one of the best ever. Maybe that’s it. All her dresses leading up to this wowed me, this one, not so much.

      Yes, I totally agree, Matty is weird – and dirty pretty (Ellen was spot on with that one!).

  2. I had fun dishing with you!! I, like you, close the Mom shop down and do not move; even for the Red Carpet! Alex is just like Rich but Medium A was beside me the entire night. :) Agreed that overall it wasn’t my favorite Oscars. I was waiting for something spectacular to happen but it never did. The music portion of the night was the best part. Idina Menzel? Nuff said. John Travolta mispronouncing her name was cringe worthy and funny at the same time. Oddly enough, I didn’t see all the nominated movies. I will never do that again as I couldn’t be as subjective as I would have liked. I did, however, see Dallas Buyer’s Club and believe pretty boy Jared and Matthew absolutely deserved their awards. I saw Wolf of Wall Street with Medium A which was extremely uncomfortable at times. The move was decent but not my favorite. Did not see August, Philomena, American Hustle or 12 Years A Slave (afraid of that one, too). What is wrong with me???? I have some catching up to do.

    Favorite speeches were the Lopez writers of Let It Go, Jared Leto who has been paying homage to his Mom the entire awards season (absolutely respect and adore him more for that) and Matthew’s was pretty great, too.

    Can I just say I love Kevin Spacey! He wasn’t nominated or anything but I just think he’s awesome.

    Best Dressed:
    Kate Hudson
    Lupita Nyong’o (minus the headband)
    Cate Blanchett
    Sandra Bullock (almost made it to underwhelming but not quite)
    Camila Alves
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Naomi Watts (on the fence in underwhelming)

    Worst (or what I call underwhelming):
    Anne Hathaway
    Emma Watson
    Julia Roberts
    Jennifer Garner
    Angelina Jolie
    Amy Adams

    Loved you Sassiness….showed Alex a couple of the texts that included passionate expletives. Lol! Miss and love you, too!!

  3. OK – I love it all except – Jada? Really? She is a Bi-ahtch – and I don’t mean that in my loving, girlfriend way! Gerry and I met her, Will and Spike Lee at a grand opening event of ESPN Zone – and she was not nice. Mean, Ugly. I have hated her and everything about her ever since. Will was a doll – and just as nice in person. He deserves better than her!

  4. Nicely done! I hadn’t seen a single movie (not even Frozen). Yet I still love awards shows. I actually am an Ellen fan – not overproduced, kind of self-deprecating, that’s my kind of thing.
    And nope, didn’t RT that!
    I did call 12 Years when they were giving Gravity all the other awards. I heard a critic on Fresh Air saying he thought that was how it was going to go. Who knows how these things work…

  5. I have so many things to say!

    1. I adored Jared Leto’s speech, but my win for the night is a tie between Lupita and Cate Blanchett. Loved both so much.
    2. I loved Kate Hudson’s dress! So 50s glamour. I also loved Lupita’s but as Johnny Weir said, lose the headband, you’re going to the Oscars, not the gym.
    3. Two thumbs up to the writers of Let It Go. I kind of want to be their kid.
    4. I thought the pizza bit was hilarious, especially once all the celebs started eating it.
    5. I totally retweeted Ellen’s selfie, and then I was glued to Twitter watching the retweet count rise and it was kind of awesome.
    6. I love, love, love awards shows too!

    1. This is why I love getting everyone’s feedback – apparently I stand alone with my pizza boredom:)! As much as I love the awards shows, I’m glad the season is over. Time for some new movies – and only 6 months until the Emmys.

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