New Fall Shows Are Almost Here

My first entertainment piece posted on Chick Lit Plus today.  You can read the beginning of the article here and then link over, to read the rest.


I have a confession to make.  I’m a TV junkie.  I know it’s not cool to admit this in literary circles, especially if you’re a lover of writing and books.  The arrival of fall signals that the new television season is upon us (most premiers are airing the week of September 23rd, after the Emmys).  In this year’s new crop of shows, there are many choices to ponder!  Here’s the scoop based on my recon, and I must say, I’m very grateful for my DVR.

773x557[1]Betrayal on ABC Sundays, 10p.m. EST.  The trailer for this one is hot and it looks like a perfect companion to its lead-in, Revenge.  The show is about an unhappily married woman who starts an affair with a man after a “chance” encounter at a party.  They initially try to resist, but the attraction proves to be too much.  The catch?  Turns out the woman’s lovah is none-other than the defense attorney for the criminal her husband is prosecuting in a high profile murder trial.  Uh-oh.  I think this sounds awesome, but I’m a bit nervous because some critics don’t seem as excited as I am.


Read about more of the new fall shows at CLP , then come back here and tell me what you think.  Or you can comment on CLP.  I’d love to hear about what you’re planning to check out when the new season begins.  Did I miss any new shows you’re excited to see?

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      1. It’s on Tuesdays at 10p on NBC starting on the 24th. Def DVR’ing it. I took note of some of the new shows you mentioned and will be watching them for sure. Betrayal and Hostages look intense and of course will def watch the Michael J. Fox show. :)

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