Thoughts On Forty-Seven


With the kids on my annual birthday hike up Sawnee Mountain (on the day following the actual day!).

Today is my birthday. I’m forty seven, a number that really is hard to fathom. I guess it’s just a number. Still, it’s a number that sounds old – although I’m happy to report that on this particular day I don’t feel old. I really don’t. I’m just grateful to be here. To be healthy. To love and be loved. I live a life that is embarrassingly abundant with blessings (a term I really don’t care for – but in this instance, it’s appropriate). Today all I feel is peace and contentment. I’m extremely grateful. Continue reading Thoughts On Forty-Seven

Books of My Life: Barbara Claypole White

barbara-claypole-white-credit-2016-km-photographyFor this week’s Books of My Life, I’m featuring author Barbara Claypole White. I confess I wasn’t very familiar with her books, but after doing research for this post, I’m very intrigue – and ordered a copy of her latest novel. Barbara’s personal backstory, about how she became a published author, is very interesting. Aspiring writer’s, you must read it! Also, Barbara has won a number of prestigious awards for her writing. I feel a kinship with this author, because she has a son with special (invisible) needs, who has served as a muse for many of her stories. Continue reading Books of My Life: Barbara Claypole White

Books of My Life: Stephanie Sprenger

headshot2I’m so excited today to be featuring my friend and editor at The HerStories Project, Stephanie Sprenger, for a Books of My Life post. After years of reading posts on her blog, Mommy, For Real, and exchanging comments and emails, this summer I finally got to meet Stephanie while I was in Denver on our family road trip. We had a couple of cocktails and talked about life, writing, and of course books! Stephanie is funny, thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, and gorgeous. I wish we lived closer. Continue reading Books of My Life: Stephanie Sprenger