Shining Stars

An excerpt from The Last Camilla, by Sarah Jio:   star[1]

“I hope,” he said with a sigh.  “I just wish we could have saved her.  I’ve turned the story over in my mind a hundred times, and I still can’t make any sense of it.  I miss her so much.”  He looked up at the big star that sparkled overhead.  “You know, I’ve thought an awful lot about this, and I think that people are like those stars up there.  Some burn faintly for millions of years, barely visible to us on earth.  They’re there, but you’d hardly  know it.  They blend in, like a speck on a canvas.  But others blaze with such intensity, they light up the sky.  You can’t help but notice them, marvel at them.  Those are the ones that never last long.  They can’t.  They use up all their energy quickly.  Mum was one of those.”

I love this, and truly believe the same.  Just wanted share.  It made me think of my brother, obviously.   But also some of my friends – Terri & Cal.  I miss them all.

Tell me about the bright shining stars in your life.

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  1. My Dad was a bright, shining, and loud star. Life of the party. Even if there was no party, he’d turn any day into one. But he worked hard too. And took care of his family incredibly well. My husband described my Dad like this to some people who had never met him: “He was a guy who would walk into a room and light it up. He’d say ‘Hello, Room.’ and the room would answer back, ‘Hello, Dick.’ And the room would like him.”

    Plus, this also makes me think of my friend Sue-Ellen, who very recently lost her Dad. Her heart is aching and I know she loved him greatly. I think if she thought her Dad was among the stars it would make her happy.

    Thanks for sharing, Allie!

  2. A high school classmate of mine lost her long, brave battle with cancer on January 7th, 2014. Her name was Crissy Fox. She left behind a wonderful husband and three young beautiful children. Crissy and I were not friends in high school, per se – different social circles as high school tends to lend itself to having… But she was always a friendly face – didn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body. Through the magic of Facebook and reunions I caught up with her all these years later, and ultimately learned of her courageous battle. Her positive attitude through it all touched my heart, and I think that is why I took her death particularly hard. I couldn’t imagine my children without me tomorrow, and yet she had such a calm acceptance at the end that this was God’s plan. Her love will live on through her husband and children. I think her husband Bill’s words to everyone touched me the most… Here is what he said:
    “Thirty years ago, Crissy walked into our class in high school, and as soon as she entered I knew I had to be near her. I don’t know if it was her great legs or curly blonde hair but I remember thinking please sit next to me. As she continued to walk down the row of chairs I watched the entire way. She was amazing. There was something about her, something inside her that made me smile and my heart skip a beat. Yes I couldn’t believe it, she sat right behind me. I looked into her eyes and as she said hello and I felt the glow inside her. It was magic. It took me ten years to convince her that I had a little magic in me too. As we all remember Crissy today, you all know about her love. She was smart, funny, compassionate, but her loved shined through her like no else. Everyone always wanted to be near her. She had the amazing gift that even if you just met her once you felt like you were her best friend. Crissy taught us of God’s love and power of prayer and it is through her faith that she was so strong in this fight on her way to heaven. Crissy would tell us all to remember the good times, the laughs, the parties. She would tell us to kiss your children, to look for God’s signs throughout the day and to pray for God’s grace. As the tears roll down our faces, we must have the faith and strength that she taught us about to continue on trusting in God’s plan because it is through God that we will all get a chance to be with Crissy again. I will love you forever and always have. ”
    I have no doubt that when I look into a clear sky that Crissy will be one of the brightest stars shining down on all of us ❤️

    1. Oh, Sarah. Damn. I wish I hadn’t read this just before bed. Wow. Chills and tears. I am so sorry. Chrissy absolutely sounds like a shining star. God rest her sweet soul.

      About five years ago, right after Cammy was born, I lost a classmate, also to cancer. I knew her, but we were not close. We ran in different crowds, but she was one of the people who didn’t seem to follow the crowd rules. She was kind to everyone and had the best smile. Her death hit me hard, as well. I think when you lose peer, who you really only remember as being 17 – with her life in front of her, you’re forced to face your own mortality. Especially when you’re both mothers.

      This sweet, precious and amazing life can be so very unfair.

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