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More Barrett Tales

B2015041495173413 (3)I have some new Barrett stories to tell, but I must confess – they’re not the kind of stories that make a momma proud, because for the last week he’s be a royal pain in the you-know where. Honestly, his actions have baffled me and made me wonder just what goes on inside his head. He’s had an interesting week, that’s for sure. Mischievous and naughty. Continue reading More Barrett Tales

First Track Meet!

Barrett’s First Track Meet!

Finally – we had our big day!  As I’ve been writing about for weeks, my son Barrett became a member of his school’s track team.  After the first two events were rained out, he finally ran in his first track meet.  And it was awesome!

20150325_181244 (3)

Little background.  At Barrett’s last IEP meeting, his PE coach asked me if there was anything I’d like him to help Barrett with.  I offhandedly suggested having him run, so he could win the 50 yard dash at the Special Olympics this year.  His teacher, Bobbi Jo, heard this and, as is par for the course for this particular Autism Angel, had an idea – to put Barrett on the track team.   Continue reading First Track Meet!

…Of What Could Have Been


PMIMG_20150115_204607 (3) 

At heart, I’m a glass is half full type of girl, although admittedly, I’ve had phases when the glass was half empty – and sometimes even bone dry. Still I think my propensity to be positive is what has kept me mostly sane on this autism journey. I try to keep my essays about Barrett positive, because I loathe the thought of anyone feeling sorry for us. But sometimes, sometimes I can’t conjure up my inner Pollyanna. Continue reading …Of What Could Have Been

Barrett Tales – October 2014


It’s been a while since I shared a Bear Bear story, and I have a couple cute ones. Although Barrett is technically verbal, how and when he chooses to speak is always a mystery.  We don’t let his silence fool us – he understands what we say and he’s taking it all in.  Oh what I wouldn’t give to be inside his head for a day!

Discriminating Tastes

A few weeks ago Barrett said to his teacher Bobbi Jo, “I want water.” She got a cup and filled it with water from the sink (there’s a kitchen in his classroom).  He took a sip, but apparently didn’t like it, because he walked over to the sink and dumped it out.

Bobbi Jo said to him, “But I thought you were thirsty.   What do you want?”

Bear answered, “Water.”  Continue reading Barrett Tales – October 2014