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Reflections on the Clean Eating Challenge


What a week!  Today my partners-in -clean and I are sharing our impressions of the Clean Eating Challenge, and I thought I should reveal the real story.  I was excited when I was first approached by Allison (Go Dansker Mom) to participate, but then I realized the challenge was going to encroach on our spring break.  There was no way I’d be able to stick to the “rules” while on vacation.  So I officially started four days earlier than my partners and I’ve been off the challenge now for a couple of days, which has given me some time to reflect.   Continue reading Reflections on the Clean Eating Challenge

Clean Eating Challenge: Day Five

Our leader, Allison, found herself in the position of posting two days of her challenge.  Poor thing.  Lucky for us though, because we’ve got some additional fun recipes (I’m going to have to attempt to prepare my own steel cut oatmeal, despite the effort it apparently takes).  Also,  Allison is starting to see some benefits – and I, for one, am jealous.  #mustbedoingsomehtingwrong.  But more about my experience on Sunday, when we each wrap up with a personal debriefing about our week.  Continue reading Clean Eating Challenge: Day Five

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 4 – Holly’s Turn!

 Holly’s Day of Clean Eating

Today is Holly’s day, and we have another lover of quinoa!  I think I’ve found a first that I’m going to have to do in the next couple of weeks for an I Dare Allie entry – I’m going to make quinoa.  I’ve eaten before and loved it, but have never prepared it.  Continue reading Clean Eating Challenge – Day 4 – Holly’s Turn!

Clean Eating Challenge: Day Two

Allison’s (@ Go Dansker Mom) Day

Today my friend Allison wrote about her Day Two on the Clean Eating Challenge.  The poor thing had a rough day with a sick toddler.  I’m in awe that she stuck with it.  You can read all the charming details below, along with some great recipes.  Today I’m going to make the Mexican salad for my lunch, which looks yummy!  Be sure to check out Allison’s blog, where she writes about motherhood, “Martha Moments,” travel, books, health & fitness, cooking and more.  I love her blog.  She also just launched her own business helping bloggers reach their full potential.  You can read more about that on her business site, Allison Barrett CarterContinue reading Clean Eating Challenge: Day Two