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We Didn’t Have a Clue


This picture was taken in March or April of 1994. I’m leaning towards March, because of the jackets.  I can’t ask the other girls in the picture, Barbara & Kristen, because they both have horrible memories!  We were in Fort Lauderdale, at a waterside restaurant and bar called Bootleggers.  We were young, a little wild, and definitely carefree.  For me, the devil-may care attitude was new.  I had just earned my Master’s Degree the summer before and taken the CPA exam in November.  In February of 1994, I learned that I passed – all four sections, on my first try.  For those of you unfamiliar with the CPA exam, that made me a bad ass!  From the smile on my face (I’m in the middle), you can tell, I knew it.

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My Girls

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


These are my girls, Marcie and Michele!  This picture was taken a few weekends ago, in St. Pete Beach.  1386I was there with two of my kids, who also happen to be their Godchildren.  Marcie and Michele came to see them, and to be with me as I said yet another goodbye to my brother.

My brother Edmund and his wife Kelly were married on the beach in St. Pete.  That weekend, eight years ago, was the best weekend – so much fun, so much joy.  Kelly’s family fell in love with the area and they often return for a huge family reunion.  Kelly’s big family is the best kind, because they all get along.  I love them and they always make me feel like I’m one of them.  This trip had been in the works before Edmund’s passing.  Kelly decided that since we’d all be together, she wanted to spread Edmund’s ashes on the beach he so loved.  We had a memorial service for him with poems, champagne, toasts and lighted Chinese lanterns.  Oh, and lots of wind!  It didn’t quite turn out as we’d planned, and I know my brother was laughing from above, as we all chased the lighted fireballs down the beach.  Continue reading My Girls