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A Letter to My Children

In the spirit of summer repeats, I’m posting a blog I wrote for the Family Legacy Center this spring.  I promise to get back to producing original material as soon as I get out of my writing funk!  Grrrr.


As I disclosed in my earlier guest post for the Family Legacy Center, I write my children letters each year on their birthdays.  I then file them away for my kids to read when they’re older.  Several people have asked me what I write in these letters and I don’t have an easy answer.  Each child and each birthday is different.  I mix the good with the bad, the funny with the sad, and try to paint a picture of Barrett, Hunter, Audrey and Camden for each year of their childhood.  If one day I’m not there to tell them what they were like at seven, ten or thirteen, they’ll have those birthday letters.

Recently I saw an article on the Huffington Post about a letter that a 73 year-old grandfather wrote to his grandchildren to pass along accumulated bits of wisdom.  The guidance aspect of his letter got me thinking.  What kind of sage advice would I like to pass on to my children, and their children?  Continue reading A Letter to My Children