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The Books of My Life: Lindsey Mead

LEM Basin Harbor (3)I’m so excited to have Lindsey Mead here today for “The Books of My Life.” I’m a big fan of Lindsey’s blog, A Design So Vast, where I revel in the magic of her words. Her writing is exquisite. I discovered Lindsey the same way I found Aidan Donnelley Rowley, from reading her essay that was part of the Huffington Post series, “This is Childhood.” Lindsey is a very talented writer – I cannot adequately describe her lyrical style, but her essays about the passage of time evoke such emotions in me that I have stop and reread, because – wow! And her use of imagery, well again, wow. In one of her essays she used a cross country running metaphor to describe her daughter’s growing up and away from her childhood. As the mother of a cross country runner, it pierced my heart. I urge you check out her blog.

Lindsey is a Boston girl (yay!) and a lover of books. She reads obsessively like I do, although our tastes are a little different. Still, her book reviews and recommendations have inspired me to up my game both as a reviewer and a reader. I have ventured outside my reading comfort zone more than once, based on one of her suggestions. Without further ado – here’ is Lindsay’s interview. Continue reading The Books of My Life: Lindsey Mead