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What’s on your….?

In the last few months, I’ve immersed myself in the blogosphere as a means to learn how to be a better writer and blogger, to be inspired and to “meet” fellow bloggers.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there.  I often find myself lost in other people’s worlds and literally have to walk away from my desktop, in order to get any writing done!  (Writing tip – don’t bookmark favorite sites on your laptop, so that it’s extra work to find your favorite sites.)

Recently one of the blogs I follow, A Design So Vast, featured a meme about capturing right now (and referenced another blog, Ali Edwards, as the source of inspiration).  Check out both blogs, they’re wonderful.  I loved reading each writer’s answers, as well as the comments from their followers.  I wanted to feature the same meme on my blog.  This exercise reminded me of the spiral notebooks that were passed around in middle school.  On the first page, you’d pick a number and write your name, and then on each of pages that followed, there’d be a question for you to answer, by your designated number (favorite subject, favorite color, favorite song).  Do you remember those?

Without further ado, here’s what’s on my…    Continue reading What’s on your….?

Everyone is mad for Mad Men!

Mad-Men-Square[1]Everybody is mad for Mad Men, or at least that’s how it seems.  It’s been everywhere recently – magazine covers, commercials, entertainment websites and in the blogosphere.    I was shocked by the level of buzz.  Pleased, but shocked.  I love Mad Men, but sadly, I have only a handful of friends who watch, despite my pleading.  In an attempt to get one friend to watch, I lent her the first season for about six months (yes Ms. Chamblin, I am talkin’ to you) and she didn’t watch a single episode.  I cannot fathom, I was aghast.

I loved Sunday’s premier double episode – The Doorway.  It was a darker episode and gave the viewers a lot to contemplate, many pivotal mad momments.  That’s one thing I love about Mad Men, I’m convinced that I know the characters and their motivations better than anyone!  On Monday mornings I scour the net looking for recaps and breakdowns and  I’m always amazed by the multitude of ways in which the various TV critics and bloggers interpret the episodes.  I usually find my favorite recap at Entertainment WeeklyContinue reading Everyone is mad for Mad Men!

Things To Be Excited About

So much to look forward to:


Spring Break!

i_love_spring_break_poster-r8dde41d6a4584f0eba1761b7fdf14e33_w2j_216[1]Florida here we come.  Can’t wait to see best friends, aunts, uncles, the children’s godmothers and godfather and the sun!  Snow fell from the sky yesterday – on March 25th in Atlanta GA.   I’m DONE with winter (and yes, embarrased to write this, considering many are still, literally buried in snow)!  We’ll be hitting five cities in seven days, updates at Road Warrior Momma. Continue reading Things To Be Excited About