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Dear Mom


Welcome to Finish the Sentence Friday.  I must admit that when I saw this week’s prompt, “Dear Mom…,” I felt some trepidation.  Last Friday was my first time joining the group.  I loved participating and getting to know some new bloggers and I didn’t want to miss out – but this prompt is an emotional one for me.  My mother passed away twenty-six years ago.  Last year I wrote about her on Mother’s Day.  I was so touched by all the Mother’s Day posts I read that weekend and felt compelled to join the crowd.  I was a new blogger at the time and writing about my mother was the first truly personal piece that I put out there.  I was proud of it.  Later that same day, I found out my younger brother died. Mother’s Day is now complicated and I’m taking the coward’s way out by reworking last year’s post into a letter.  For friends and family, it may sound a bit repetitive and I apologize – but I did add some new thoughts.  The letter format actually opened me up a bit.  For my new readers, I’m honored to share with you one of the loves of my life, the very fascinating and lovely Carol Geneva Smith.

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