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An Interview with Patti Callahan Henry

Many years ago, I was a member of the Georgia chapter of Romance Writers of America. At the first meeting  I attended, I met Patti Callahan Henry. She was so kind and welcoming to me – she took me under her wing (I was scared to death). We really hit it off and became friends. I remember seeing her the day after we got our autism diagnosis. The only reason I went to the GRW meeting was because I was scheduled to have the first chapter of my manuscript read by a published author. I saw Patti and she just knew something terrible had happened and took me into her arms for a big hug. I will never forget her kindness that day.

Aside from being a wonderful human being, she’s also a fabulous writer, and I’ve enjoyed every one of her novels. When one of her team reached out and asked if I wanted to do an interview and review her book, I jumped at the chance. Her latest novel, The Idea of Love will be launched tomorrow and you can came back here to read my review. But today, I have my interview with Patti. Patti-Web-624x807[1]

Hi, Allie! It’s so great to be with you again! Thanks for talking about The Idea of Love with me. Continue reading An Interview with Patti Callahan Henry