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September Stuff

This is my first original, non-book review-related post that I’ve written since May.  It’s going to be a hodge podge of different stuff.  Most of you know about my brother, and I thank you for your kind words and patience.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, you can read the original post here.  Honestly, I’ve been a bit lost and needed time with my family and time by myself.  I’ve sat down and written a few blogs, but I just couldn’t hit “Publish.”  I’ve also been preoccupied and sidetracked by a number of things:  back-to-school chaos, the creation and management of our new extracurricular activities schedule (ugh!), a big (and honestly, stalled) organization project, Audrey’s birthday, various writing commitments for My Forsyth, Chick Lit Plus, & Chick Lit Central, IEP drama (lots), as well as reading and listening to books.  I’m not complaining about the books, since they’ve always been my escape (and I’ve been indulging quite a bit).

I’ve been inspired by a number of things that I felt would be perfect blogs, but I also felt a bit guilty about indulging in my desire to write, which is part of the grief process – or so I’m told.  I don’t know why I’ve decided that this is the time, but I think I’m ready.  In gathering all the materials, pictures and links that I’ve gathered over the last few months, I concluded that they’d all make for a great combination “Things To Be Excited About” & Things I’m Grateful For” post.  So without further ado…

I’m Grateful For: Continue reading September Stuff

Jane Porter Visit



My first interaction with Jane Porter occurred during the summer of 2008.  I’d just finished FOUR of her books (Odd Mom Out, Mrs. Perfect, The Frog Prince, and Flirty With Forty) and was enamored with her storytelling.  Author stalker that I am, I checked out her website, where I discovered three things – they were making Flirty With Forty into a movie starring Heather Locklear;  Flirting was loosely based on her life;  and she had a blog (I love author blogs).

The first blog I read was also a contest, which I promptly entered.  Low and behold – I WON!  Yay me!  I received a gorgeous beach bag and a thick, hot pink beach towel…both of which I still own and use.  The beach bag was filled with candy, a Starbucks card and three beach books (not hers, either).  How generous is that?  Honestly, I’m unaware of any other authors who regularly give away so many serious prizes (and if you know of any….let me know, so I can stalk and win).   Continue reading Jane Porter Visit