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An Update from the Road, Days 23-32

It’s been two weeks since I posted a road trip update and I have no excuse for the delay.  I’ve just had trouble getting motivated!  I can’t blame a lack of time either, because we’ve been home for a week.  When I last checked in here (I’ve been posting rather consistently at Road Warrior Momma) we were having the time of our lives in Bar Harbor.  I miss it, but I have more places to tell you about.

After Bar Harbor, we drove north to Canada.  Moncton, New Brunswick was our home base for our Canadian exploration.  Driving through New Brunswick was pleasant.  The countryside is beautiful, although somewhat desolate.  Moncton is nice, much smaller than I had imagined.  We stayed on the outskirts of the city, about five miles from downtown.  On our first night we had a late dinner because we were very confused about what time it was (long story that you can read about here).  We were also a bit surprised by the significant surcharge that was added to our check by the Canadian government.  After inquiring, our server told us, “We have lots of things to pay for in Canada.”  Okay.

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An Update from the Road, Days 13 – 22

I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through the trip.  It’s gone by so fast, yet it somehow feels like we’ve been on the road forever!

At my last update, we were in Amherst, MA – catching up on laundry, bills, writing and squeezing in some exploration of Berkshires.  After Amherst, we traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to check off another state capitol and visit my sister, Kendall.  The capitol building was pretty, but unremarkable in that it’s similar to many of the capitols we’ve already toured.  However, this one will always stay with me – my son Barrett managed to disturb a gubernatorial candidate’s press conference with his loud singing and clapping.  They were not happy with us!


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An Update From the Road: Days 1-12

Finally, I have an update.  I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long, but we’ve been very busy and I’m realizing that I don’t have the same energy I’ve had in years past – which is killing me.  By the time I get our day documented and the photos downloaded and posted on the Road Warrior blog, I’m kind of done with the computer.  This hasn’t been good, because I’ve been trying to stay plugged into the blogging world and it’s hard to do when the days are so packed.


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