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Summer Road Trip Update # 4: Days 24-31

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After spending three long and busy days in Yellowstone National Park, the Smith family was ready to move on. We headed west, to Idaho. To be honest, our stop in Idaho Falls was primarily planned so we could check Idaho off our list of states visited. Twenty-four hours was all I needed to spark my desire to go back. Idaho is very pretty and the people are extremely nice. Everywhere we visited, we were treated with smiles and good manners. And in Idaho, R. finally got his bear fix when we visited “Bear World,” a drive though zoo. We explored downtown and visited the falls from which the city got its name. Continue reading Summer Road Trip Update # 4: Days 24-31

Road Trip Update # 3: Days 21-23


We spent three days in Yellowstone National Park. I took so many pictures that I had to share them in one post. Looking back over my trip journals, I discovered that I didn’t write much at the end of each day while we were in Yellowstone. I was wiped out. The hiking, heat, altitude, and the miles and miles we drove got to me. Mostly, I made notes on my personal observations about our family. Continue reading Road Trip Update # 3: Days 21-23

Road Trip Update Number 2: Days, 13- 20


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Greetings from the road, where we’ve been very busy. Can I just say, we live in the most amazing country on Earth? I hope I live long enough to see it all. As I think about all that we’ve done, and try to summarize it, I have to take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings that have enabled me to take these journeys. I’m grateful for my husband who indulges me, friends who’ve helped in my planning, friends who’ve put us up in our travels, and by letting me stay with them, and my kids for being my traveling companions. It’s probably hardest on them, but I hope they understand the benefits. Continue reading Road Trip Update Number 2: Days, 13- 20

RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11

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So far, rain has been the star or our road trip adventure. It rained in Louisville, it rained in Columbus, it rained in Pittsburgh, it rained in Toledo, and it has rained every single day while we’ve been in Detroit. Every day. Although to be fair, we did get the gift of a sunny day when we drove to the west coast of Michigan. It was cold and rainy in Detroit, but after a three hour trip, we found ourselves on a sunny beach, with the temperature at a toasty 86 degrees. Unfortunately, it looks as if our warm respite will be an anomaly. I dared to look at Weather.com, and the next few days heading west do not look promising. Ugh. Continue reading RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11